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Thoughts On Cybercrime Prevention Law and People’s Reaction to It

Posted on | October 3, 2012 | No Comments

As more and more countries around the world legislates laws to combat cybercrimes, ordinary netizens bear the crux of the anvil of the government exerting more and more influence and finding ways to create control and coordination, and cyber security. One prominent judge declared this:

Cyberspace, as the fith common domain – after land, sea, air and outer space, is in great need for coordination, cooperation and legal measures among all nations. A cyberspace treaty or a set of treaties at the United Nations level, including cybersecurity and cybercrime, should be the global framework for peace and justice in cyberspace. Cyberspace should be a part of the progressive development of international law.

The most serious cybercrimes and cyberattacks of global concern should be investigated and prosecuted based on international law, and sentenced by an international Court or Tribunal for cyberspace.

- Judge Stein Schjolberg

In the Philippines, proponents of Cybercrime Law has extended its scope to include cyber defamation, unsolicited commercial communications, and cyber threats. Which dwarfs the one the the United States drafted into law which only included laws prohibiting online identity theft, hacking, intrusion into computer systems, child pornography, intellectual property, online gambling. Much to the dismay of its citizens and meaningful individuals expressing outrageous reactions to it.

I am not against people who expresses their view against cybercrime law. What I am against is people who say words that degrades other people without even the hint of being accountable to what they say, as if they are the only people who has the right to say bad words against other people.

IMHO, our lawmakers do not fully understand the true implications of the law on the technology they’re attempting to regulate.

The Philippine Cybercrime Prevention Law has many flaws in it, detrimental to ordinary and meaningful internet users. In the overall scheme of things, the first time I read it, I thought it is counter-productive and counter-progressive.

People are correct to go to the street to air their opposition to it or join a blackout group on facebook or any  other portal.

But to picture your government as the devil and say every unimaginable things.

Negative thoughts, reveals negative things, and breeds negative actions and reactions.

This country or any country, who have high aspirations of progress, does not need one like that.

FILIPINOS! Rise above this level of mediocrity. Express your grievances in a manner that generates positive, progressive, and constructive thoughts on the issue.

You are the government, and the government is you!

“Ask not what the government can do for you, rather ask what you can do for your country.” – John F. Kennedy

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