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The Twilight Saga : 8 Lessons To Live By

Posted on | November 27, 2012 | No Comments

I do not read a lot of books. But one of the books that I actually enjoyed reading was The Twilight Saga. I’ve read all four books: Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, The Breaking Dawn and even the draft of the Midnight Sun! It’s actually surprising how I can read books that thick!

Now that the movie sequel of The Twilight Saga has just ended, let me share to you 8 lessons we can get from Stephanie Meyer’s vampire-themed fantasy novel.

Love knows no boundaries. – All Twilight fanatics know this already. The love Edward and Bella shared was an example of this. Not even their statuses or identities or circumstances hindered them from loving each other.

Being different is an asset. – Bella and Edward’s love story all started with Bella being different. If Bella did not possess the quality of blocking Edward’s power, do you really think Edward would still be interested in her? I definitely don’t think so. Being different makes us unique so never fear to be different.

To be different is to think differently. – Why is Bella different from the rest? That is because she thinks differently. She is not afraid to show who she is despite of the possible rejection from the people around her. She chose to think differently than others making her uniquely interesting.

Fight for love. – Their love story was a chaotic one. With a werewolf as a third party, human parents and human friends that are not allowed to know about the situation, not to mention the leader of the vampires that wanted to annihilate the Cullen’s coven – talking about chaos! But despite all of these, Bella and Edward fought for their love. They fought against the norms and the natural cycle of nature. And their efforts were not in vain because they were able to win the love they have been battling for.

Sex gives more pleasure inside marriage. – Bella technically begged for Edward to sleep with her on the Breaking Dawn but Edward refused. They waited until marriage and as we all know the experience was incredible (it really was coz they almost wrecked the room and Bella was pregnant right after).

Being family is more than just blood relationship. It is the act of being family that makes you family. – The Cullens are not blood related. They are just a bunch of vampires who decided to live together and have the same lifestyle. Even the rest of the vampires who helped them out during their confrontation with the Volturi are not really their family. But the way that they treat each other, the respect, love, care and compassion is what makes them family and a strong one for that matter.

Friendship breaks all barriers. – Jacob’s friendship with Bella and Edward is one really great illustration of a friendship that breaks barriers. It does not matter who you are what matters is you are my friend.

True love waits.- Edward is 104 years old and not once did he marry. And it was one of the best decisions he has ever made because he met Bella, his true love. Do not be hasty in finding love. It will come in the right time, in the right place.


The Twilight Saga is one novel that I will never be tired of reading over and over again. In every story there are lessons. Lessons that will help us learn and grow. What lessons have you learned from the Twilight Saga?

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