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The Real To do List You Need to Commit to When Things Seems to Be Difficult

Posted on | November 29, 2012 | No Comments

The economic outlook for America is anything but rosy right now. With the burgeoning budget deficit and slumping national revenue, things seems to head southward at the moment. We may need a miracle to turn this around.

Our unemployment is at a record high this year. Some of you may be out of work in a couple of months or days. And in dire times like these, it is just easy to feel in  despair and hopeless.

But there are people who seems unaffected in spite of all difficulties. They stay committed to being happy and staying positive at all times.

There is a very big difference between commitment and being motivated. Commitment is long lasting and motivation is often temporary.. The big question is, How committed are you to your goals or just sometimes motivated ? Think hard and be honest because one will see you through , the other one won’t.

Here are small goals worth committing to when things seems to be difficult.

Commit to Sing everyday. A simple hymn will do or humming will do too. Singing while taking a bath is an excellent time to do it. Another one is while cooking(for people who prefer to cook their food).

Get that song out of your heart and sing!

Sing, sing a song.

Sing out loud, sing out strong.

Sing of good things not bad.

Sing of happy not sad. …

Make it simple to last your whole life long…

Commit to Smile at strangers. Now this is heavenly. How often can we smile at people we don’t know nothing about? I tell you, commit to smile to a person you don’t know and you will feel much better about your situation.

Commit to Keep Learning. Do not be contented about what you already know. Keep learning new skills, new knowledge. Unlearn things that does not help, and learn things that will give you a better chance to landing a better  job or better opportunity.

Commit to Notice Kindness. Yeah, notice kindness. When you do that, you will show kindness also. Sometimes, when we are stuck in a hard situation, and pity starts to creep in to our soul, you start also to think that people need to be kind to you and understand you, and in doing so, lose sight of kindness itself. How often have I heard of people who are never thankful for kindness shown them by others. And these are people who have nothing to eat. They just believe that because they are poor, that it is the duty of everyone else to help them. Pathetic I say. Notice kindness.

Commit to Enjoy life like a kid. Eat Ice Cream. Why not? Common’! Let that kid in you come out. Enjoy life in its simplest form. You will feel better.

Commit to Hope. The all enduring hope. Let me ask you a question, do you hope for a better tomorrow? A better America? A better economy? A better future?

Because if you do NOT! There’s no sense to life at all!

Commit to Count Your Blessings. Yeah, count your blessings. Name them one by one. Recall every instance by which you have receive something. Counting your blessing is tied up to kindness. We can only notice and be thankful about the kindness that we receive if we can count things as blessings instead.

Commit to Never forget to Laugh. Can’t stress this enough. laughter so they say, is the best medicine.  You need to experience it to know it. So laugh!

Commit to Love. If there is something that you need to do, love. Above anything else, love. and

…Love some more…

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