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The Cheapest Thing to Save the Most Expensive Gift Called Relationship.

Posted on | November 19, 2012 | 1 Comment

We were created for relationships! We were born into a relationship, raised by a relationship, prepared for a relationship, and later on establishes our own relationships.

And each one of these relationships we build go through growing pains made about by triumphs and conflicts.

And many times in our lives, when conflict occurs, we go looking for ways to make amends. There are some however who doesn’t even bother to make one. Or doesn’t bother because they don’t know what and where to to start to mend those strained relationships.

Take for example Kobe Bryant sometimes in 2004 when his marriage with Vanessa Bryant was on the verge of collapse. He bought her a gift worth 5 Million US dollars! A diamond ring.

You may argue that that is outrageous – and it is! But if I have the money like Kobe, I would do it. But we know better that 99% of people on this planet cannot afford to buy a 5M dollar ring. Heck, even a 500$ ring is still hard on the pocket considering the economy.

So, how do we start to mend relationships? What is the cheapest and the best thing to do to save this most expensive gift of life called relationship?

Saying YOU ARE SORRY!. Saying sorry is the most difficult thing on earth. It is also the cheapest and the best in mending relationships.

But some say, sometimes words are cheap….and don’t mean a thing…. yes it is! And I would agree to great length saying it may not mean a thing. But nonetheless, it is the first and only way to start mending relationship. No matter what you do, without saying you are sorry. There is no way you are gonna come together and mend.

Words have the power to heal as well as hurt. And saying sorry is one of the powerful ways were we are healed and mended.

Some say they are sorry and do the same thing to you again and again. Sorry, since it is so easy to say is very useless. – I don’t agree that saying sorry is useless! Without it, you have no talking point in establishing that relationship again. You can buy the world to make amends, but with the absence of this word, healing may not start for you.

Show someone your sorry through actions, saying it means you are ready to build a stronger relationship. Your actions afterward will show that you are serious and you ACTUALLY not only want to mend the relationship but also wants to grow it.

It works if its honest and truthful… of course it does. It always do. Say it when u mean it. Funny how one little word can change everything in a relationship.

What about you? Do you agree that saying sorry is the best way to save your relationship? Do you have some kind of unique ways you do in making amends?

I can’t wait to hear your thoughts. Please use the comment section below. thanks

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