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Teen Query: When Should We Pop The Cherry? – 4 Benefits Of Waiting

Posted on | November 21, 2012 | 1 Comment

Last month, news of a girl who agreed to put her virginity on auction invaded the internet and went viral.

Auctioning is nothing new. People auction a lot of things for fund raising or just to earn money, from jewelries, cars, vintage items, celebrity items but what’s surprising is when you auction your virginity.

The 20-year old Brazilian girl known as Catarina Migliorini, got a $780,000 bid for her virginity. The highest bidder was a man from Japan named “Natsu” who beat 5 others last Oct. 23, 2012.

You may be thinking it’s absurd to waste such a huge amount of money just to get in bed with a virgin woman. But let’s be honest here ladies, we can’t blame these rich men to desire virgin women because they have become exquisitely rare in this modern era. They are as rare as the tarsiers and the more extinct they get, the more valuable they becomes.

This is a frequent question asked by many teens nowadays. When is the appropriate time to pop the cherry?

My dear ladies, I know this might sound very old and traditional but there is only ONE perfect answer to this question and that is right after you say “I Do” and here are few of the reasons why.

Keeping yourself pure adds more value to your worth.

Just like Catarina, who would have thought that her virginity would be that expensive? But other than the monetary value expressed, your value as a woman with dignity and purity is more precious than any gold. Being able to hold your head up high knowing that you have kept yourself pure from any form of defilement makes you a precious jewel.

Increased Self-Esteem.

Being a virgin can boost up your self-confidence knowing that you are able to resist the temptations other girls were not able to overcome. It does not mean that no man likes you. Rather, it means that you are a one of a kind woman of dignity and that you treat your body like a holy temple too precious for public use. Just like the singer turned-fashion mogul Jessica said on her reality show Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica, “Of all the things about myself, staying a virgin until my wedding night is the thing that makes me most proud.”

Being unique.

If you do exactly the same as everybody else is doing, how does that make you special among them? Just because everybody else is doing it does not mean that you should too. That just makes you another rock. Why be a rock when you can become the diamond among the rocks?

Pleasure of Delayed Gratification.

Just imagine that very special thing you have been yearning for all these years finally coming within your hands reach. Let’s take for example a car that you have been yearning to have. For 20 long years you have saved your money, you sacrificed driving an old model crappy car, you put aside all your other luxuries like shopping or getting yourself a new phone just so you can save enough for than precious car you have been wanting. Then the day came when you were finally able to buy it, drive it, and park it in your garage! Just imagine the height of pleasure that would bring! All the waiting, sacrifices and yearning made that day very special and delightful. The same goes with sex. I know you have been wanting to know how it feels like and discover for yourself if what you read on novels and see on movies is true. I know you have been yearning to actually have that man of your dreams finally become one with you. But all that delightful and happy pleasure sex offers will be spoiled away if you fail to wait for the right moment for it. It takes time girls. And trust me, it is better to have had sex with only one man than to have had sex with dozens of men and regret more than half of it.

A special guy is waiting for you somewhere out there. That special someone who can bring you to heights of pleasure is waiting for you. Do not give him just the leftovers. He deserves your entirety because he is saving himself up for you as well. The waiting process can be long but rest assured, it is worth the wait.



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One Response to “Teen Query: When Should We Pop The Cherry? – 4 Benefits Of Waiting”

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