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3 Simple Tips How To Be An Effective Teacher or Mentor or Coach

In your day-to-day life, you are sure to be asked to teach from time to time. and when you’re faced with teaching someone, wouldn’t you rather know how to be a good teacher or mentor? There’s another area where most of us will become teachers someday – when we become parents! Teaching our children will be a 24-hour-a-day, seven-days–a-week, full-time job. Some of you, who are potential parents, will be responsible for the backbone of your child’s education, not only […]

Don’t Just Say Don’t!

Raising children is a very enjoyable, rewarding, and challenging adventure of a lifetime. If I have to rate the level of desire and motivation a man need to raise a child, it would be a perfect 10. You’ve got to have the highest determination to be the best that you can be as someone who raises, mentors, and teaches a child from day 1 of his life. You can be successful in parenting. It will be a struggle for sure. […]

My Job is to Support Them.

One of the things I’m almost always ask about my children is that, how did I raise them 3 boys to be fine and obedient children. Seldom, I am ask as to how difficult it was/is to really be consistent on what I taught, and what I say. That is the most difficult. It is not so much as about teaching and disciplining that children needs. But so much more so on how much they know that they can decide […]

Our Job Is To Make The Next Generation Better!

Today I was able to have my workout again. Almost two weeks and I haven’t had a good sweat. I quickly notice 2o minutes into my workout that my stamina has drop considerably. I was gasping for air, and my legs muscles was in intense pain, my knees i I thought would give in during the squat jump. I was able to have my second wind though at the 20+  minutes mark and went 30 minutes. It was satisfying though, […]

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