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Be Your Best Everyday : Tips On Happier Living

The other night, I went out with my family to have dinner in a fast food place. And while waiting for our order, I just can’t help but notice the waiter who is serving our meals for that night. He is not handsome for my taste so that’s definitely not the reason why I noticed him. He’s also not the type of guy with a gorgeous body built that would be irresistible for girls. He’s just a normal looking, typical […]

How To Live A Happier Life

There are many people that I know of who strive so hard to achieve greatness, fame, wealth and even love. They move heaven and earth to reach their goals and fulfill their dreams all because they are after the same thing – HAPPINESS. They wish to achieve that certain level of satisfaction and joy through their accomplishments hoping that it will give them genuine happiness. But the sad truth is, they are all bound to fail miserably because they have […]

What Happens When You Are Genuinely Concerned About Others?

Yesterday, I wrote a piece about one sure thing to cultivating friendship. Toward the last part of the post, I quoted this line about love, “Love is the utmost concern for the welfare of others”. I took this line about love as my own definition of love when I was growing up as a teenager and later as a young man. Now, there are certain  things happen when you’re genuinely concerned about others. And that’s what I would like to […]

One Sure Thing to Having 100 Friends That Lasts a Lifetime

As I prepare to write an article I often think of the things I need to read. So this post is just as much for me as it is for you, as we successfully walk together in this journey called life. I remember a story of an incident at a Special Olympics where handicapped children competed with tremendous dedication & enthusiasm. One event was the 220-yard dash. Contestants lined up at the starting line, & at the signal, started running […]

One Can Still Emerge Victorious In The Midst Of Defeat: Lessons From Manny Pacquiao Loss

Three days has past and honestly, it has been difficult for me to think that Manny Pacquiao could have lost in such a fashion as he did to the Mexican counter-puncher Juan Manuel Marquez last Sunday. As a boxing and sport fan, I tip my hat off to the Mexican champion. It was a helluva right hand that landed flush on the chin. I watched the fight on delayed telecast and just like millions of fans all over the world, […]

Sort, Separate & Eliminate – 3 Ways To Solve Problems Efficiently

Are you problematic? Maybe you are sitting at a chair right now staring in space because your mind is just so confused already with the long list of problems you have in your hand. Maybe you even had more than a just few sleepless nights already just trying to figure out the solution to what seemed like a never ending quest. Well, good news my friend! Because here are 3 steps in efficiently dealing with your problems while saving yourself […]

4 Movements to Financial Leverage

Movement to financial Leverage. My own journey based on the model from Robert Kiyosaki, a friend and mentor in Facebook. Robert Kiyosaki use to say in his financial leverage conferences… “People go from job to job expecting their finances to change and nothing does”. He’d say “Don’t change jobs, change quadrants”. What quadrants?  Below are breakdown of the four levels of financial leverage journey. I say it is a journey for the simple reason that it has been one for […]

16 Traits of Successful People

I will be going on a family gathering starting tomorrow. But I leave you with this wonderful thoughts from a post I had on my Facebook wall. The source is not mentioned, and I don’t know it either. But just would like to put this out there for everyone. We will be leaving 8 hours from now, and I have still a list of things I needed to procure and prepare. You can also check this out at my Facebook […]

Personal Rants: Satisfaction of Your Soul

On this day of your life, I believe God wants you to know … that He is glad that you are You. Success does not happen outside of who you are. Sure, we all have things we want to change, to improve about ourselves. Some wants to change the way they look, some wants to change their family, even their name. Others, wants change to their kind of life, even expressing change to the way they are or have been […]

Important Key to A Successful Life. Repetition

The whole day today was so boring. I couldn’t find myself to write even one single paragraph. I spent a couple of hours searching for some inspiration to write, but just couldn’t find one. Then, I remember one person that has been very instrumental for me growing up. He always said that “Repetition is key to success and is the best form of emphasis!” To be able to achieve something and be successful at anything, there needs to be repetition […]

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