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Be Your Best Everyday : Tips On Happier Living

The other night, I went out with my family to have dinner in a fast food place. And while waiting for our order, I just can’t help but notice the waiter who is serving our meals for that night. He is not handsome for my taste so that’s definitely not the reason why I noticed him. He’s also not the type of guy with a gorgeous body built that would be irresistible for girls. He’s just a normal looking, typical […]

Everything is About the Ride – the Journey Along the Way

Back in the day there was a TV series called ABC’s Wide World of Sports. This was a seminal chapter in broadcasting that had a huge ripple effect on all that would follow. An announcer’s V.O. spoke of the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat, over a riveting montage that included a downhill skier crashing and burning. This is what sports is about – the ride, the journey along the way. We may not always like it and […]

The Rise and Fall of Nine Richest Men of The World

Millions of people think of fame and fortune when they measure success or a successful life journey. Fame and fortune does not guarantee a person a successful life journey. In fact, just like any huge responsibility, fame and fortune requires a significantly higher degree of resolve and personal discipline, coupled with a strong morality to really handle the pressures that comes with it. Seldom a person is ready to be that strong to absorb those pressures of life that fame […]

A Little Seed’s Secret – 4 Keys To Self-Improvement

In my hometown, people grow vegetables in their garden for their own consumption. We thought, why buy vegetables in the market when you can grow them in your own backyard? And so we did! We planted, squash, string beans, eggplants and bell peppers in the backyard. There I discovered the wonderful process of how a seed grows into a wonderful plant and produce beautiful crops. Let me share with you a little seed’s secret. Here are 4 keys to self-improvement. […]

4 Knock Out Ingredients to Achieve Success

This morning, I turned the television on and let my son watch cartoons while I finish doing my house chores. He was watching Hajime no Ippo, more commonly known as “Knock Out” in the Philippines. It is an anime that tells the story of a boxer’s life, failure and success. Boxing is a very famous sport in the Philippines because of the victories of our very own People’s Champ Cong. Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao. No wonder this anime cartoon show became […]

16 Traits of Successful People

I will be going on a family gathering starting tomorrow. But I leave you with this wonderful thoughts from a post I had on my Facebook wall. The source is not mentioned, and I don’t know it either. But just would like to put this out there for everyone. We will be leaving 8 hours from now, and I have still a list of things I needed to procure and prepare. You can also check this out at my Facebook […]

2 Parenting Truths That Determines a Responsible and Successful Child

Raising children is basically a 18-20 year project. Even if that perfect little angel has become the perfect devil within the space of only a few hours, all is not lost! A good dose of patience, persistence, and firmness will get him turned in the right direction again. Most parents will want their child to be prepared to take on the responsibility of life, able to support himself, get married, raise a family of his own, find a career, and […]

Important Key to A Successful Life. Repetition

The whole day today was so boring. I couldn’t find myself to write even one single paragraph. I spent a couple of hours searching for some inspiration to write, but just couldn’t find one. Then, I remember one person that has been very instrumental for me growing up. He always said that “Repetition is key to success and is the best form of emphasis!” To be able to achieve something and be successful at anything, there needs to be repetition […]

When Everything Looks Hopeless

People thought Tom was hopeless. After attending school for only three months, his teacher called him “addled.” That was the end of his school career. His mother decided she would have to try teaching him at home. At age 12 Tom got a job selling newspapers on trains, but (according to some reports) that job ended becuase he accidentally set fire to a rail car! In his late teens, he was fired from job after job. And, when he patented […]

Amazing Testimony From the First 8th Division Champion, Manny Pacquiao

Below is an excerpt of a video of Manny Pacquiao right after arriving at the NAIA yesterday. Totally gave me a lot of goose bump. Just amazing words and testimony from the only 8th Division Champion. “Talagang nagpapasalamat ako sa inyong suporta. Tingin ko kalimutan natin ang nangyari, tanggapin natin nang buong puso and God has a good plan for us, God is good all the time (I really thank you for your support but let’s just forget what happened […]

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