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Live More Productively : 2 Ways To Overcome Procrastination

There are many ways to achieve success in life, unfortunately procrastinating is not one of them. Procrastination is defined by the dictionary as the act or habit of  procrastinating, or putting off or delaying, especially something requiring immediate attention. Simply put, procrastinating is NOT doing something that has to be done or in layman’s term – laziness. It is an act that if neglected can turn into a habit and lead to unproductivity, depression, lost self-esteem or anxiety. However, if […]

An Excellent Gift Idea this Christmas for Your Love Ones Who Snores or Has Sleep Apnea

Do you have trouble sleeping because of a snoring husband or wife? Bad thing is, your husband or wife might be suffering from sleep apnea which leads to greater risk of developing heart disease. Good thing is, you are not alone. Research says, 54% of couples either have a husband or wife who have snoring problem. Which means that, a lot of people can’t have that deep and peaceful sleep at night. Snoring can be a chronic problem and is […]

A Little Seed’s Secret – 4 Keys To Self-Improvement

In my hometown, people grow vegetables in their garden for their own consumption. We thought, why buy vegetables in the market when you can grow them in your own backyard? And so we did! We planted, squash, string beans, eggplants and bell peppers in the backyard. There I discovered the wonderful process of how a seed grows into a wonderful plant and produce beautiful crops. Let me share with you a little seed’s secret. Here are 4 keys to self-improvement. […]

Smart and Healthy Swaps At Your Christmas Dinner Table

As you get all set for your holiday meal, one thing that you’ll want to be taking into account is what type of swaps you can be making to help improve the total calorie count, bringing it down while increasing the nutritional value of the foods that you’re eating. If you are anything like me, who loves to cook and of course, eat. Gaining weight this yuletide season is a sure thing. While it is to be somewhat expected that […]

Sort, Separate & Eliminate – 3 Ways To Solve Problems Efficiently

Are you problematic? Maybe you are sitting at a chair right now staring in space because your mind is just so confused already with the long list of problems you have in your hand. Maybe you even had more than a just few sleepless nights already just trying to figure out the solution to what seemed like a never ending quest. Well, good news my friend! Because here are 3 steps in efficiently dealing with your problems while saving yourself […]

Pursuit of Happiness: Five Simple Rules That Works

“Pursuit of happiness” is one of the most beautiful and endearing movie I have ever watched. My wife and children really love it. Happiness has been an age old pursuit of man since the garden of Eden incident. People go to great length in the hope of finding it. Many travel around the globe to search for it. Well, you don’t have to do that, really. Happiness can be had anywhere and anytime you want it. Here are some simple […]

Key To Resolve #AMALAYER Incident

We often encounter different kinds of rude people every single day. And most often, we just keep our cool and let the situation pass by. But just this Tuesday, November 13, 2012, a video of a lady passenger who lost her temper and made a scene at a Light Railway Transit (LRT) in Santolan Station went viral in the social networking site Facebook as it reached more than 68,000 shares and 17,000 comments. The said video even got aired on […]

Cool Ways To Be A Superhero!

  Many people are sucker for superheroes. Nowadays, we often see kids dressing up as their favorite superheroes and even acting like them. And I’m pretty sure that more than once during your childhood days, you also used to be one of those silly kids who asked God countless of times to be like Superman or Batman or Wonder Woman wearing a long cape, and a fancy-looking costume. But as we all grew older, we realized that superheroes are not […]

4 Biblical Process of Growing and Learning Toward A Successful Parenting

This is my third post in succession regarding the topic of successful parenting. The first one, I talked about the Road Signs to a Successful Parenting. and the second was I shared about a list of the Characteristics that every parent and would-be parent must work toward becoming a  Successful parent. Most of us have failed in that list. I know I have and still am. I would be too arrogant not to admit that. But the good thing is […]

7 Essential Ways You Can Do When There Is Family Conflict

What can you do if your home has become a battleground? When parents fight, some kids hide in their bedrooms, trying to pretend they are asleep and don’t hear the shouting. Others try to stay away from their troubled homes as much as possible. According to child psychologist Antoinette Saunders, hearing their parents argue is the most stressful experience in the lives of young people today. Many families today are not happy. More than one third of American marriages end […]

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