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Possession and Position is Good but Not Essential

Yesterday I had the opportunity to share thoughts and pointers with a long time friend. Met him way back when we were still teenager in a summer youth camp. We became friends over the years, we each have our own family and each manages a small business. We shared many things and experiences that happened to each of us over the years  -  frustrations on failures, our own expectations, our struggles raising our family, the growing demands of success and […]

5 Ultimate Things A Couple Should NEVER Do

In a boy/girl or husband/wife relationship, you are investing a part of yourself to a new partnership. Just like in a business, a partnership becomes a separate entity than that of its creators and certain rules that are necessary to make a partnership work and last for a very long period are created, so does in a couple’s relationship. So enough said, here are 5 things a couple should not do to each other when bound in a love relationship. […]

4 Simple Ways How You Can Help Determine Success In Your Relationship

There are problems in our relationships that can be easily resolve by understanding the expectations that comes along with that particular role Every day, you actually play all kinds of social roles in your relationships with others. A “social role” is the part played by a person in a given social context, including typical or expected patterns of behavior. For example, as part of a family you’re a father or mother, sister or brother, son or daughter, cousin, etc. You’re […]

Above All, Guard Your Hearts!

It is the desire of God that we enjoy our stay here on earth. In fact he wants us to  be happy and have successful relationships, including having boyfriends and girlfriends. But He wants us to chose wisely and not just give our affections or our hearts to just anybody. There are countless of passages in the Bible that mentions about this, particularly in the Book of Proverbs. One of this many words of wisdom is found in Proverbs 4:23. […]

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