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3 Simple Ways to Bounce Back From Disappointment

Have you ever tried out for something – maybe cheerleading or a team – only to be told you didn’t make it? Or maybe you’ve trained so hard for an event and half way through the game you got injured? Or couldn’t perform to the best of your ability and you know that you have so much more to give but just came up short? Everyone faces disappointment at some time in his or her life, usually many times. How […]

12 Ways To Look At Disappointment Positively

Disappointments alone don’t have a positive or negative impact of themselves. By our reaction toward disappointments, we make them either positive or negative. Two people can have the same disappointment with a totally different outcome. It’s how we handle the setbacks in our lives that will determine our success. Here are some observations I use that lift me when I’m disappointed: 1. Disappointments are instructional. Many times a person can learn from a setback. Valuable lessons freely flow our way […]

Proverbs for Today: The Good Habit Habit

My father isn’t expected to live through the summer, David told me. His emphysema has almost finished him. Does he still smoke? I asked. Yes, David said. Every time he has a fairly good day, he goes back to his cigarettes. David’s father made the choice to begin smoking at age 15, and quickly that choice hardened into a three-pack-a-day habit. Even when his habit left him with a deadly disease, he continued it. That’s the problem with making wrong […]

Successful People Never Stop Acquiring Knowledge

I just recently commented in jest on a friends wall post about knowledge. The post is quoted from a very popular saying about learning and to never stop acquiring knowledge even in your old age. And my thoughts wandered into many places that I have been and people that I have met in my life. Aged people who looked dead while awake, with no flicker of hope in their eyes anymore. Young, vibrant, energetic individuals aiming for the whole world […]

Extend Yourself, When the Running Gets Tough!

She stumbled across the finish line and collapsed in a heap, her legs limp  like rubber bands. Each time she was helped to her feet, she slumped back to the ground. She felt miserable! She’d had little time to train for the 1,500-meter (just less than a mile) run, making it a grueling event for her. But this 16-year-old came through with her best effort. she ignored the pain and finished the race. Watching her, I thought of a runner […]

I Just NEED Someone to Talk To

“I just need someone to talk to,” she wrote.” My two best friends don’t talk to me anymore.” This line appeared on my facebook wall this morning coming from a person who was obviously depressed. Her friends had rejected her and she felt like she had no one to turn to. She didn’t know why she felt this way and she suddenly found herself a part of that big, empty world of loneliness. She just needed a friend. Some people […]

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