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3 Best Parental Role Models You Should Work Toward a Successful Family Relationship

Are you a parent? What kind of parent are you? There are at least 3 Best Parental Role Models That will works for you according to a Perry L Draper in his book on parenting, Parents Take Charge. These parental role models work toward a successful relationship in the family. The Architect. The architect has a certain concept in his mind of a building that he wishes to create. He then attempts to translate that mental image to initial sketches, drawings, […]

4 Sure Things Why Parents Are the Child Most Important Teacher

As mentioned in my previous posts 4 Road signs to Help You in Your Journey to Successful Parenting, the very small child observes carefully everything his parents do and the ways he does them. Since he has no other real comparison, he takes what he sees as the way things should be done and generally follows the same way(there are some exceptions to every rule, of course). Here are 4 Sure Things Why Parents Are the Child Most Important Teacher. […]

3 Marital Relationship That Tend to Produce Troubled Children, Every Parent Should Avoid

Most of you would agree that, what the parents do as a team together directly affects the development, growth, self-worth, and future of each family members. Most specifically, how parents relate to each other as husband and wife directly affects the development of each child’s personality, his relationship to others, male-female relationship, and the kind of family that each child will, himself or herself, build later in life. Healthy relationship between the husband and the wife tends to produce good […]

Help For Step-parents! 7 Ways You Deal With Troubled Stepchildren

With the advance of knowledge and technology and wealth never seen before in human history so has the problem of human values at an staggering high. One of the hardest hit is the family. The basic unit of our society is in dire state and has constantly been under enormous attack to destabilize it and destroy it. Divorce and remarriage is now a norm in some countries and is slowly creeping in on most nations. As a result, children are […]

4 Biblical Process of Growing and Learning Toward A Successful Parenting

This is my third post in succession regarding the topic of successful parenting. The first one, I talked about the Road Signs to a Successful Parenting. and the second was I shared about a list of the Characteristics that every parent and would-be parent must work toward becoming a  Successful parent. Most of us have failed in that list. I know I have and still am. I would be too arrogant not to admit that. But the good thing is […]

Useful List of Characteristics Each Parent Must Work Toward Successful Parenting

Yesterday, in the article Road Signs to Successful Parenting, I ask a searing question, “Do you want your children to be like you? Are you happy with yourself as an individual?” It would be well at this point to take time to answer the question, “What kind of person am I?” The following is a listing of sample personal characteristics each parent must work toward successful parenting. Ask yourself honestly, “Where do I fit in with each of these?” Note […]

4 Road Signs To help You In Your Journey to Successful Child Rearing.

The journey through a successful child rearing must start in the beginning with the parent. What kind of children will you bring up? They will probably be much like yourself. As you wade through this humpy and bumpy journey of child raising allow me to share some roads signs that has helped me and my wife with our own journey. Road Sign Number 1. Each individual is unique. Treat your children differently according to their personality. Anyone with several children […]

2 Parenting Truths That Determines a Responsible and Successful Child

Raising children is basically a 18-20 year project. Even if that perfect little angel has become the perfect devil within the space of only a few hours, all is not lost! A good dose of patience, persistence, and firmness will get him turned in the right direction again. Most parents will want their child to be prepared to take on the responsibility of life, able to support himself, get married, raise a family of his own, find a career, and […]

Children Will Find A Way Around Things If They Know They Can Get Away Doing It

Yesterday, while waiting for the boxing match of my favorite boxer which happened at around 12noon pacific time (my favorite boxer by the way won his round of 32 London Olympic match), I switch channels just to while away some minutes, when fortunately I saw on one of these Spiritual Channels – I believe it was Channel 56, and they were reading a letter from one of their avid viewer from eastern United States. The readers email contain something about […]

Parenting. Why Having A Definite Goal Is Vital

Few of us would start out on a journey without an idea of where we are going, what we are going to do when we get there, and the basic steps along the way to reach our destination. In fact I would go to a stretch by saying that, there are not many parents in the whole world who had a clear idea of what parenting is all about. Most parents just learn by trial and error. Learning as they […]

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