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4 A’s – A Guide To Make Your Girl Go Crazy Over You

Maybe you’ve been in quite a few relationships already but it just seems that your girl is looking for more from you but you can’t figure out what it is. Well, keep on reading my friend and I’ll let you on 4 secrets that will make a girl go crazy over you. Attention Everybody needs attention every once in a while. And we all need someone to give us that attention we are all craving for especially girls for that […]

3 Tools for Better Relationships

  Elections are tools of allowing the people to speak out their thoughts, stand their ground and make sure their voices are heard. And the people of the United States of America have just spoken. Results of the recent  U.S.  election showed that the people of America have chosen President Barack Obama to lead the country for four more years. He won another term as he handily defeated Gov. Mitt Romney. After the results had been out, both President Obama […]

5 Essential Issues to Address in Building Strong Husband-Wife Relationship Before You Even Say “I DO”

One of the key issues my wife and I often and openly talked about when we were on still dating was the issue of becoming husband and wife to each other. Or if ever, we decided otherwise that we want to move into that direction with somebody else. Believe me, it was fun talking these things out. So, what is husband and wife relationship to us? 1. The first thing that must be brought up to building strong husband-wife relationship […]

Effective Ways to Preserve Your Sexual Senses for Marriage

Did you know that lovemaking that precedes actual sexual intercourse is a part of that sexual act? This touching, prolonged kissing and fondling is a vital integral part of sexual intercourse in marriage. God did not intend for people to indulge in these acts before marriage. This is my third post about sex, premarital sex, and love. The first was: Premarital and Teen Sex. Are You Sure Everybody Is Doing It? In which I tackle the issue of being “in”. […]

Seven Reasons Why Real Men Cannot Be Stolen!

If another woman steals your man, there is no better response than to let her keep him. He is not worth your while. It means he is not strong enough to keep himself nor he is strong enough keep you nor protect you. The following are seven reasons why real men cannot be stolen from anyone. Real men stands by their commitment and responsibility. If they are easily swayed by sweet words and flirty actions of another woman, how is […]

Is Marriage A Command of the Bible?

I just got a message from a reader(a young man) about marriage. I intend to share it here(anonymously of course) for the encouragement of everyone. Here is the content of the comment. I like your website very much, but one thing I still don’t understand is why we are commanded by the Bible to get married. I am 19 years old and don’t think that I would like to ever get married. Am I wrong? Does that sounds familiar to […]

3 Reasons a Man Takes a Woman Seriously for Marriage

To all my constant companion. Young and old. Here are 3 Reasons a Man Takes a Woman Seriously. 1. A disciplined tongue. A noisy woman -of all the things that turns me off about a girl, this is the top. an undisciplined tongues ruins a mans desire for a woman. Just what do I mean by a disciplined tongue? A man always dreads marrying a woman that nags, curses, and quickly swears in profanity after just a few months into […]

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