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How Unmet Essential Need for Self-Esteem Hurt Your Marriage

One of the most frustrating situation in marriage is when couples try to block the fulfillment  of one another/s psychological needs. This happens when both party is probably involved in a destructive pattern of response to the other, which in turn creates a “fight-withdraw” pattern. Each is trying to convince the other about who is right and hope the other party concedes. Each believing that the majority of the responsibility for the problem rests with his/her partner. Couples should be […]

How Expectations Disrupt Your Marriage

Most marriages begin with high romantic intensity. As couples approach marriage they usually have only a very shallow awareness of each other’s wants and needs. Some do not even know the other person. They just rely on what they call feeling for each other or being love struck. I have gone through it myself with my wife, and during this time, the least important and obvious needs get the attention. Hoping that as the years go along and the marriage […]

5 Ultimate Things A Couple Should NEVER Do

In a boy/girl or husband/wife relationship, you are investing a part of yourself to a new partnership. Just like in a business, a partnership becomes a separate entity than that of its creators and certain rules that are necessary to make a partnership work and last for a very long period are created, so does in a couple’s relationship. So enough said, here are 5 things a couple should not do to each other when bound in a love relationship. […]

7 Essential Ways You Can Do When There Is Family Conflict

What can you do if your home has become a battleground? When parents fight, some kids hide in their bedrooms, trying to pretend they are asleep and don’t hear the shouting. Others try to stay away from their troubled homes as much as possible. According to child psychologist Antoinette Saunders, hearing their parents argue is the most stressful experience in the lives of young people today. Many families today are not happy. More than one third of American marriages end […]

3 Reasons a Man Takes a Woman Seriously for Marriage

To all my constant companion. Young and old. Here are 3 Reasons a Man Takes a Woman Seriously. 1. A disciplined tongue. A noisy woman -of all the things that turns me off about a girl, this is the top. an undisciplined tongues ruins a mans desire for a woman. Just what do I mean by a disciplined tongue? A man always dreads marrying a woman that nags, curses, and quickly swears in profanity after just a few months into […]

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