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3 Basic Measures of Being A Man

What is the measure of a man? Boys will tell you this, girls will tell you that. But what is a man? I sure hope I have shown you by example what a man is by this time. I’m no authority on being a “macho”. For I do not carry any packs of ‘abs.’ Let me share with you what I learned from my very own father (Rest his soul) about being a man. 1. First of all, a man […]

I Just NEED Someone to Talk To

“I just need someone to talk to,” she wrote.” My two best friends don’t talk to me anymore.” This line appeared on my facebook wall this morning coming from a person who was obviously depressed. Her friends had rejected her and she felt like she had no one to turn to. She didn’t know why she felt this way and she suddenly found herself a part of that big, empty world of loneliness. She just needed a friend. Some people […]

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, What Went Wrong?

In the last couple of weeks, the world has followed the divorce of Celebrities Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. The media is a little bit disappointed though, and maybe many feels the same. We were not treated to long and controversial courtroom battle. Then, a mere 11 days after it started, the TomKat divorce saga ended. Abruptly and “amicably”, without any opportunity to be treated to a good dose of celebrity acrimony. I think a lot of people were expecting […]

Go Ahead – Dare to be Different

How much of your hard-to-come-by cash would you pay for a slightly used hoola-hoop? Probably not very much, yet these large hoops that many people swung around their hips were a big fad several years ago. So were pet rocks. To so many it seemed absolutely essential to have  at one pet rock, along with a cage to put it in and handbook giving instructions on its care. It may be difficult to believe, but at least one person became […]

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