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Peace, Goodwill to Men, and Other Reasons that makes Christmas Worth Celebrating

There was a scene in the cartoon Charlie Brown. It’s Christmas time, & Lucy comes in where Charlie Brown is standing & says, “Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown. `Tis the season of peace on earth & good will toward men. Therefore, I suggest we forget all our differences & love one another.” Charlie Brown, whose face lights up at this, says, “That’s wonderful, Lucy. I’m so glad you said that. But tell me, do we have to love each other only […]

The Twilight Saga : 8 Lessons To Live By

I do not read a lot of books. But one of the books that I actually enjoyed reading was The Twilight Saga. I’ve read all four books: Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, The Breaking Dawn and even the draft of the Midnight Sun! It’s actually surprising how I can read books that thick! Now that the movie sequel of The Twilight Saga has just ended, let me share to you 8 lessons we can get from Stephanie Meyer’s vampire-themed fantasy novel. […]

Family Rocks! 20 Family Rules for Building Stronger Family

I was thinking of something to write last night and I couldn’t quite get my finger into the thought that I was running in my mind, that is, until I joined my daughter who was sitting on the floor and watching Lion King 2: Simba’s Pride. One very profound line that swept me was this, “We are One!” That was when Kiara said, “what if I don’t wanna be queen?” and Simba answered, “It’s like saying you don’t wanna be […]

Sibling Conflicts? – Here Are 3 Effective Ways To Resolve Them

In a house with more than one child, sibling conflicts are very common. Misunderstandings and fights become normal every once in a while due to differences in character, wants, attitudes and behavior. And sometimes, these simple fights turn into something more serious when not dealt properly. So, how do we settle and resolve sibling conflicts? Do not prolong the argument. – Do not let your problems remain unsettled for another day. Resolve any issues you have as soon as possible, […]

3 Sure thing I Do to Bounce Back after Mistakes

Life is journey. A journey of ups and downs. A journey through the valleys and the hills. On this journey, we are sure to make mistakes – some big while others small and negligible. Some mistakes alter the course of our lives as well that of others around us. But there is no denying the fact that each mistake we make can translate into treasures of lessons we can carry with us through the rest of our journey. And as […]

You Have the Power to Surprise! Don’t feel Uncomfortable These Yuletide Season

Christmas season is almost here. The year has gone past so quickly, it was only yesterday when people were buying and giving gifts to their beloved someone. When this season comes, I feel almost uncomfortable. You see, I have this habit of not giving gifts when occasions like these comes around. Don’t get me wrong, I do love to give gifts and make people that I love happy. So, why do I feel somewhat uncomfortable during these times? Because I […]

3 Tips for a Stronger Sibling Relationship

Are you the eldest child in your family? Do your parents put you in charge of your younger siblings whenever they are not around? Do you have hard-headed, naughty and difficult-to-deal-with siblings? If yes, then we share exactly the same dilemma my friend. Being the eldest child means that you are second in command whenever your parents are away. But how do we make our siblings obey and respect us the way they obey and respect our parents? Here are […]

3 Things to Make You Love Your Woman More

So tell me have you ever really, really really ever loved a woman? – Song by: Bryan Adams I love this song. I have been and still is a Bryan Adams fan. Not to boast, but I was a Bryan Adams wanna be when I was young. How do you love a woman? If only we can listen good and learn from that song, marriages and family relationships, and all kind of relationship whether personal or business, will be a […]

Family Time Means Fun time! 4 Exciting Ideas to Building a Better Family

Do your children make a lot of excuses when it’s time for family time? Then maybe it’s time to spice things up and make family time a fun time for the whole family. Here are 4 exciting ideas to building better family relationship. 1. 1,2,3, GAME! Games are people’s all-time favorite. No matter how young or old you are, whether you are a professional or not a game will surely bring out the fun. So gather the family around and […]

6 Things To Talk About Your Lifestyle Before Saying “I DO”

This is the fifth of the series on Building a Strong Foundation for your marriage even before exchanging “I DO’s”. We started with the question of BELIEF.  It’s the first thing that would-be husband and wife should be reconciled into. I can’t stress this enough, If you can’t agree on this first question, DO NOT go into marriage at all, you are just setting yourself up for a tumultuous relationship, one you will regret later on. You might say, “you […]

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