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4 A’s – A Guide To Make Your Girl Go Crazy Over You

Maybe you’ve been in quite a few relationships already but it just seems that your girl is looking for more from you but you can’t figure out what it is. Well, keep on reading my friend and I’ll let you on 4 secrets that will make a girl go crazy over you. Attention Everybody needs attention every once in a while. And we all need someone to give us that attention we are all craving for especially girls for that […]

Desire, Dedication, Discipline, Your Foundation to Success

Hello Everyone! I pray you are all feeling well and in excellent health. And if you are in not so good of health. I pray you get well very soon. I have not written for 2 days. I am sorry, I know, I aimed to write daily, I hope you will find it in your heart to give me some slack. I wasn’t feeling good myself this last 2 days, but that is not reason to slack off. I still […]

What does living your passion have to do with growing a successful business?

You may be thinking: “What does living your passion have to do with growing a successful business”? The answer: EVERYTHING! Are You Living Your Passion? When you’re living your passion, you’re happy and in flow with the universe. You’re no longer in resistance. This is key to getting more accomplished in less time with less effort and more fun. Sounds easy enough. So why isn’t everyone living their passion? This is a deep, ongoing topic. I want to go ahead […]

What I am Expecting Once the NBA Finals Hostilities Begin.

Your Constant Companiion looks at the NBA Finals. This week has been a week of upsets sort of. Pacquiao lost to Bradley and Novak Djokovic lost to Nadal. Well not exactly an underdog Nadal was, but at least he was only seeded #2 in Roland Garros, that is still underdog, right? I am tempted to say that in this NBA Finals, OKC is a little bit underdog with a lot of people and pundits, analyst, as well as former NBA […]

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