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5 Ultimate Things A Couple Should NEVER Do

In a boy/girl or husband/wife relationship, you are investing a part of yourself to a new partnership. Just like in a business, a partnership becomes a separate entity than that of its creators and certain rules that are necessary to make a partnership work and last for a very long period are created, so does in a couple’s relationship. So enough said, here are 5 things a couple should not do to each other when bound in a love relationship. […]

3 Reasons a Man Takes a Woman Seriously for Marriage

To all my constant companion. Young and old. Here are 3 Reasons a Man Takes a Woman Seriously. 1. A disciplined tongue. A noisy woman -of all the things that turns me off about a girl, this is the top. an undisciplined tongues ruins a mans desire for a woman. Just what do I mean by a disciplined tongue? A man always dreads marrying a woman that nags, curses, and quickly swears in profanity after just a few months into […]

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