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To A Successful Journey Through Life

Personal Rants: Satisfaction of Your Soul

On this day of your life, I believe God wants you to know … that He is glad that you are You. Success does not happen outside of who you are. Sure, we all have things we want to change, to improve about ourselves. Some wants to change the way they look, some wants to change their family, even their name. Others, wants change to their kind of life, even expressing change to the way they are or have been […]

3 Simple Ways to Bounce Back From Disappointment

Have you ever tried out for something – maybe cheerleading or a team – only to be told you didn’t make it? Or maybe you’ve trained so hard for an event and half way through the game you got injured? Or couldn’t perform to the best of your ability and you know that you have so much more to give but just came up short? Everyone faces disappointment at some time in his or her life, usually many times. How […]

12 Ways To Look At Disappointment Positively

Disappointments alone don’t have a positive or negative impact of themselves. By our reaction toward disappointments, we make them either positive or negative. Two people can have the same disappointment with a totally different outcome. It’s how we handle the setbacks in our lives that will determine our success. Here are some observations I use that lift me when I’m disappointed: 1. Disappointments are instructional. Many times a person can learn from a setback. Valuable lessons freely flow our way […]

Key To Success and Character Building

You may like the person a lot, but probably someone you know has a bad habit you can’t stand. Perhaps it’s the nervous habit of fingernail biting. Or the nasty habits of smoking or drinking too much. Or, one of the most annoying things, perhaps the person talks too much. Have you ever had a bad you habit you wanted to overcome? Perhaps you felt that if you had just a little extra push, you might make it. Character, like […]

Proverbs for Today: The Good Habit Habit

My father isn’t expected to live through the summer, David told me. His emphysema has almost finished him. Does he still smoke? I asked. Yes, David said. Every time he has a fairly good day, he goes back to his cigarettes. David’s father made the choice to begin smoking at age 15, and quickly that choice hardened into a three-pack-a-day habit. Even when his habit left him with a deadly disease, he continued it. That’s the problem with making wrong […]

Parenting. Why Having A Definite Goal Is Vital

Few of us would start out on a journey without an idea of where we are going, what we are going to do when we get there, and the basic steps along the way to reach our destination. In fact I would go to a stretch by saying that, there are not many parents in the whole world who had a clear idea of what parenting is all about. Most parents just learn by trial and error. Learning as they […]

Don’t Just Say Don’t!

Raising children is a very enjoyable, rewarding, and challenging adventure of a lifetime. If I have to rate the level of desire and motivation a man need to raise a child, it would be a perfect 10. You’ve got to have the highest determination to be the best that you can be as someone who raises, mentors, and teaches a child from day 1 of his life. You can be successful in parenting. It will be a struggle for sure. […]

Successful People Never Stop Acquiring Knowledge

I just recently commented in jest on a friends wall post about knowledge. The post is quoted from a very popular saying about learning and to never stop acquiring knowledge even in your old age. And my thoughts wandered into many places that I have been and people that I have met in my life. Aged people who looked dead while awake, with no flicker of hope in their eyes anymore. Young, vibrant, energetic individuals aiming for the whole world […]

Desire To Succeed More Than You Desire Anything Else

Do you desire to be successful? I bet you do. So do I. Success though will not go near you. You must go after it! One of the most glaring characteristics of successful people is that they desire to be successful more than anything else. It doesn’t matter what they are doing or set to be doing. What matters is that they want to do it and follow it through until the desired satisfaction is achieved. Thomas Jefferson puts it […]

Your Constant Companion is Here

Welcome to Your Constant Companion Blog. This is my first post. Not my first blog though. I will be your constant companion from here on forward as I am enabled and able so shall I. For months I have been searching for the right domain name for this blog. And i couldn’t quite get my hand to it, until today when I was reminded of the story of Ruth, one of the heroes of the Bible and one of my […]

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