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An Excellent Gift Idea this Christmas for Your Love Ones Who Snores or Has Sleep Apnea

Do you have trouble sleeping because of a snoring husband or wife? Bad thing is, your husband or wife might be suffering from sleep apnea which leads to greater risk of developing heart disease. Good thing is, you are not alone. Research says, 54% of couples either have a husband or wife who have snoring problem. Which means that, a lot of people can’t have that deep and peaceful sleep at night. Snoring can be a chronic problem and is […]

One Can Still Emerge Victorious In The Midst Of Defeat: Lessons From Manny Pacquiao Loss

Three days has past and honestly, it has been difficult for me to think that Manny Pacquiao could have lost in such a fashion as he did to the Mexican counter-puncher Juan Manuel Marquez last Sunday. As a boxing and sport fan, I tip my hat off to the Mexican champion. It was a helluva right hand that landed flush on the chin. I watched the fight on delayed telecast and just like millions of fans all over the world, […]

Smart and Healthy Swaps At Your Christmas Dinner Table

As you get all set for your holiday meal, one thing that you’ll want to be taking into account is what type of swaps you can be making to help improve the total calorie count, bringing it down while increasing the nutritional value of the foods that you’re eating. If you are anything like me, who loves to cook and of course, eat. Gaining weight this yuletide season is a sure thing. While it is to be somewhat expected that […]

Sure Things You Will NOT Regret if the World Ends in 2012

2012 is almost over. As the world waits in eager(some dreadful) anticipation for the clock to strike 2013, more and more people around the world ponder existential questions themselves. If the Mayan calendar is held to lend some truth, it will be the end of the world as we know it in 12-21-2012., just a few days from now. Let’s say the world would indeed end this month, assuming you have just enough time to make some changes to how […]

Simple Thoughts to Make Life Simple

Never understand why anyone would expect someone to read their minds? We were not born with a psychic abilities so that we can read the thoughts of others, that’s why. We were born with two ears so we can listen, a nose with two holes on it for smelling, a mouth and a tongue so we can talk, 2 eyes to see the world around us, two hands so we can do something, a pair of feet so we can […]

The Real To do List You Need to Commit to When Things Seems to Be Difficult

The economic outlook for America is anything but rosy right now. With the burgeoning budget deficit and slumping national revenue, things seems to head southward at the moment. We may need a miracle to turn this around. Our unemployment is at a record high this year. Some of you may be out of work in a couple of months or days. And in dire times like these, it is just easy to feel in  despair and hopeless. But there are […]

Family Rocks! 20 Family Rules for Building Stronger Family

I was thinking of something to write last night and I couldn’t quite get my finger into the thought that I was running in my mind, that is, until I joined my daughter who was sitting on the floor and watching Lion King 2: Simba’s Pride. One very profound line that swept me was this, “We are One!” That was when Kiara said, “what if I don’t wanna be queen?” and Simba answered, “It’s like saying you don’t wanna be […]

Pursuit of Happiness: Five Simple Rules That Works

“Pursuit of happiness” is one of the most beautiful and endearing movie I have ever watched. My wife and children really love it. Happiness has been an age old pursuit of man since the garden of Eden incident. People go to great length in the hope of finding it. Many travel around the globe to search for it. Well, you don’t have to do that, really. Happiness can be had anywhere and anytime you want it. Here are some simple […]

The Cheapest Thing to Save the Most Expensive Gift Called Relationship.

We were created for relationships! We were born into a relationship, raised by a relationship, prepared for a relationship, and later on establishes our own relationships. And each one of these relationships we build go through growing pains made about by triumphs and conflicts. And many times in our lives, when conflict occurs, we go looking for ways to make amends. There are some however who doesn’t even bother to make one. Or doesn’t bother because they don’t know what […]

3 Sure thing I Do to Bounce Back after Mistakes

Life is journey. A journey of ups and downs. A journey through the valleys and the hills. On this journey, we are sure to make mistakes – some big while others small and negligible. Some mistakes alter the course of our lives as well that of others around us. But there is no denying the fact that each mistake we make can translate into treasures of lessons we can carry with us through the rest of our journey. And as […]

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