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Sort, Separate & Eliminate – 3 Ways To Solve Problems Efficiently

Posted on | November 26, 2012 | No Comments

Are you problematic? Maybe you are sitting at a chair right now staring in space because your mind is just so confused already with the long list of problems you have in your hand. Maybe you even had more than a just few sleepless nights already just trying to figure out the solution to what seemed like a never ending quest.

Well, good news my friend! Because here are 3 steps in efficiently dealing with your problems while saving yourself from load more of stress and headache.

In doing the laundry, we first sort out the white ones from the colored ones. Then we sort them out by usage. We separate the shirts, shorts, underwear, pants and socks from each other. We also separate the really dirty ones from the rest, like baby’s clothes filled with mud, so that it won’t tarnish the not so dirty ones.

In life problems, we also need to do the same. We sort out, separate and eliminate. We need to be able to distinguish which ones need immediate attention and which ones can wait. We also need to determine which ones need temporary solution and which ones require permanent action. And it is also important to know which ones weren’t really our problems in the first place. And be able to eliminate the problem. And yep, you guessed it right; doing the laundry showed me the steps in dealing with my problems efficiently.


In the face of problems, we sometimes tend to panic and lose focus. We try to solve all of them at once resulting to less or even no progress at all.

Identify your problems. Sort them out to facilitate them easier. Distinguish which ones are urgent, important and irrelevant. Once you’ve sorted them out nicely, you will then know which ones to attend to first. This will help avoid over fatigue and too much stress. The more focused you are on a problem, the easier it is to solve. Remember, you can only do as much as  your 2 hands, 2 feet and 1 brain will allow you to do. Doing more than that is suicide.


Once you have sorted out your problems, it is most often more efficient if you put together problems that are inter-related and separate them from the rest. For example, your problems at home are different from your problems at work and mixing up the two will only cause more problems. Separate them. Face whichever is more important and/or urgent first. If you feel that your problems at home needs urgent attention, then set aside your work related problems and settle your home problems. If you solve them one after the other, the task will be easier and more bearable.


This is the main goal of solving a problem. You solve it to eliminate it! Bear that in mind and make solutions that will not only address the problem temporarily but will eliminate it for good. Also, it is important to eliminate problems that aren’t even our problems in the first place! We sometimes tend to take everyone else’s problems and carry the burden without realizing that we can even barely lift our own loads! Helping others is one thing but helping yourself first is more important. Remember that you can never give what you don’t have.


We encounter problems daily. Even as we sit and try to relax by playing a video game with our friend, we still encounter dozens of problems just trying to save our brains from zombies by planting zombie-killing plants in our yard. They are an inevitable part of life that we must face and learn how to deal with the most efficient, easy and effective way for us.


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