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Simple Thoughts to Make Life Simple

Posted on | December 3, 2012 | 2 Comments

Never understand why anyone would expect someone to read their minds? We were not born with a psychic abilities so that we can read the thoughts of others, that’s why. We were born with two ears so we can listen, a nose with two holes on it for smelling, a mouth and a tongue so we can talk, 2 eyes to see the world around us, two hands so we can do something, a pair of feet so we can go somewhere.

So, make life as simple as you could…

Missing Somebody?  – Call! Don’t go around whining and crying that you missed someone.

Wanna meet up? Invite! No explanation here.

Wanna be understood? Explain! You have a brain and a mouth to express your thought. Don’t go looking for excuses that you can’t.

Have questions? Ask!

Don’t like something? Say it! It is you that don’t like, so, say it! Don’t spread negative things behind someone’s back just because you don’t like something. You will just complicate things. Make living simple.

Like something? State it! Obviously.

Want something? ask for it. And be brave enough to accept refusal. Don’t take things that aren’t yours.

Love someone? Tell it. Express yourself.

Want to buy something? Save for it!

It really is that simple. If people around you don’t embrace and encourage open and honest communication, try to teach them the benefits. Most come around. Some others may not be worth your time.
We just have one life. Keep it simple. Why Complicate Life?

Have a blessed Monday to all of ya!

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2 Responses to “Simple Thoughts to Make Life Simple”

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