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Sibling Conflicts? – Here Are 3 Effective Ways To Resolve Them

Posted on | November 18, 2012 | No Comments

In a house with more than one child, sibling conflicts are very common. Misunderstandings and fights become normal every once in a while due to differences in character, wants, attitudes and behavior. And sometimes, these simple fights turn into something more serious when not dealt properly.

So, how do we settle and resolve sibling conflicts?

Do not prolong the argument. – Do not let your problems remain unsettled for another day. Resolve any issues you have as soon as possible, the sooner the better. Prolonging the argument only invites more room for anger and hatred. So shut up for a moment, sit down, talk it over and be gone with it. Deal with your problems head on rather than making it wait for another 24 hours. Sometimes a straight forward strategy is the best effective strategy you can have.

Deal only with the present issue. – I know it is very tempting to recall past issues just to justify the present problem you have but I assure you that it will not be helpful in settling your current conflict. If you only deal with what is involved in the present conflict, issues will be settled much faster. It’s just like getting a knife and cutting a new wound to an already healed one. And opening old wounds will not help heal new ones. So suck it up. Whatever conflict you have in the present is already too much in itself. No need to add problems from the past.

Get a referee. – In any fight especially between 2 persons, the best way to resolve it is to have someone stand as a middle ground or referee between them, someone who is not biased and is just. In cases of sibling conflicts, parents are the best referees. Without someone in the middle, each one will only insist of being right while pointing a finger at the other. But if you have someone in the middle, issues can be resolved better. That’s the main reason why we have referees in boxing, wrestling, taekwondo and other fighting sports, so that someone will break the fight if things get really serious. Though sibling conflicts are normal and inevitable, it is still better if we can avoid them or if that’s not possible, we must resolve them right away.

No matter how we put it, siblings are still siblings and nothing we argue or fight about can ever change that fact. You may go your separate ways or not talk to each other for 5 years; you will still remain siblings forever. So fight a lot then make up and learn from your experiences, that’s what will make your life more colorful and meaningful.

How did this article help you? Can’t wait to hear from you! Feel free to share your thoughts on the comment box below. Have a blessed day!

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