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One Can Still Emerge Victorious In The Midst Of Defeat: Lessons From Manny Pacquiao Loss

Posted on | December 12, 2012 | 5 Comments

Manny Pacquiao got KO’d in the 6th round.

Three days has past and honestly, it has been difficult for me to think that Manny Pacquiao could have lost in such a fashion as he did to the Mexican counter-puncher Juan Manuel Marquez last Sunday. As a boxing and sport fan, I tip my hat off to the Mexican champion. It was a helluva right hand that landed flush on the chin.

I watched the fight on delayed telecast and just like millions of fans all over the world, I was shocked big time when I saw the Pacman face down on the canvass a few seconds before round 6 was to end. Some, like me, felt worried when Pacquiao was motionless for a couple of minutes. But defeats have a way of teaching us priceless lessons. Watching Pacquiao’s post-fight interviews made me admire him more. And hearing his answers, I realize that one can still emerge victorious in the midst of defeat. How?

Here’s what I learned from the Pacman’s most recent bout on the ring.

1) Accept that in life winning and losing are as natural as day and night. Pacquiao pointed out a very basic truth that we all must learn to embrace. He said, “It’s part of my job. It’s part of boxing. You win and sometimes you lose.” It would be less devastating to lose when you have accepted that you can’t be the winner all the time. Even in defeat, Pacquiao demonstrated the demeanor of a gentleman and a sportsman.

2) Laugh and smile. Don’t lose your sense of humor. It’s been said in the news that after the fight, Pacquiao watched a video of the game with his family and friends in their suite in Las Vegas. Before the DVD was played, he said, “Spoiler alert. You will not like how this will end.” That’s a winning attitude, being able to laugh and smile even if you’ve gone through a painful defeat. It shows maturity. It communicates hope.

3) Choose to thank the Lord no matter what. Pacquiao kept reassuring his family, fans and friends that he is ok. He said that he is so thankful to God that he was still able to breathe after the unexpected knock-out punch from Marquez. Counting our blessings instead of our loss is another trait from a genuine champion that we should emulate.

4) Get up after you’ve fallen down. It may have taken Pacquiao a while longer to get up from the canvass after falling unconscious for several minutes. But he got up and went to congratulate and shake the hands of Marquez. We saw him do this on the boxing ring and we witnessed him do this even in his private life. He’s admitted to his many mistakes and sins in the past. But he surrendered his life to God who lifted him up and made him a changed man. While others criticize Pacquiao for his faith in God, I believe that it is this faith that makes him stand tall and strong in the midst of defeat.

There are various opinions regarding Pacquiao’s career as a boxer. Some say that he should retire, while others insist that he should recharge, retrain and go for a fight with his nemesis for the 5th time. Whatever Pacquiao chooses to do, I only have one prayer for him, that he makes his own choice and be happy with it when all is said and done.

Like Pacquiao who is able to inspire others even in defeat, whatever challenges you are facing right now my dear friend, it is not the end of the world. Tomorrow is another day. Accept it, be thankful, get up, and smile.

I can’t wait to read your comments!


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5 Responses to “One Can Still Emerge Victorious In The Midst Of Defeat: Lessons From Manny Pacquiao Loss”

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