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Key To Resolve #AMALAYER Incident

Posted on | November 16, 2012 | 3 Comments

Student vs Female Security at LRT Station

We often encounter different kinds of rude people every single day. And most often, we just keep our cool and let the situation pass by. But just this Tuesday, November 13, 2012, a video of a lady passenger who lost her temper and made a scene at a Light Railway Transit (LRT) in Santolan Station went viral in the social networking site Facebook as it reached more than 68,000 shares and 17,000 comments. The said video even got aired on TV networks and is now trending in Twitter worldwide with the hash tag #AMALAYER which came from the way the passenger pronounced “I’m a liar.”

The lady passenger, identified as Paula Jamie Salvosa was yelling “I’m a liar. I’m a liar.” to the lady guard known as Sharon Mae Casinas causing commotion and attracting public attention at the said LRT station. The scenario was caught on video by Gregory Paulo Llamoso and posted it on Facebook.

Both parties are pointing fingers at each other. But because of the way Paula reacted, whether it was her fault or not is no longer the issue. Now, Paula, her family and friends are being involved which even reached to the point of receiving death threats on the internet.

In the world we live in, we cannot live alone. We have to learn to live along with other people despite the differences. But how do we live with these differences? Simple, the key to live peacefully with these differences is RESPECT.

Mutual respect is vital for people to live along together with minimal conflict. This is a very common law of humanity, you reap what you sow. So, when you treat others with respect, you reap respect. When you treat others with disrespect, you reap disrespect. It is cause and effect.

Respect is showing good conduct and behavior. It is also a symbol of acknowledging authority and submitting to it and respect does not question if the person deserves it or not, it is still given either way.

To respect is to say good morning to your teachers when you pass them by the corridors or to obey what your parents tell you to do, or as simply as following traffic rules and regulations. Respect takes many forms and whatever form it takes, it always offers a positive result.

In the video incident, clearly both Paula and Sharon lacked respect in certain ways which made the issue bigger. And as netizens, we sometimes feel obliged to avenge whoever was oppressed. But before we react, we must first investigate. And whatever results the investigation provides, remember to wrap it with respect. A problem that originated in disrespect cannot be resolved with disrespect.

Respect is one of the many pillars for building strong relationships.

Could a little respect from both party have prevented this incident to happen? Let me know what you have to say to this issue?

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3 Responses to “Key To Resolve #AMALAYER Incident”

  • Excellent post Arvy.

    Respect is one of the few age-old value that is hard to be given. Respect is always earned. And one the ways people earn respect is to be respectful in return.

  • And very timely at that… keep it up!

  • Arvy says:

    Thanks :)

    It is sometimes sad how people find it very difficult to give respect yet we often ask for it. For example are the netizens who say that Paula was disrespectful and rude yet they too are being disrespectful and rude.

    Its really saddening how this world can be so unfair. The best thing we can do now is learn from this and hope that everybody will learn to value the importance of respect.

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