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Inexpensive Gifts Everybody Would Love To Have

Posted on | December 14, 2012 | No Comments

When I was a kid, one thing I always think of when I hear Christmas is Santa Claus and gifts and I know you do too! For a little kid, a gift from Santa Claus will surely make Christmas perfect.

And when I look back now, I am often taken aback by how simple and plain my childhood wishes were. My parents would always tell me that I need to be a really good kid so that Santa will grant my wish on Christmas and most often, I would wish for a cookie jar or a brand new toy or a new pair of clothes or shoes and sometimes even candy! But with those simple gifts, I experience extreme joy and satisfaction. I can still remember how silly I looked like when I got a new Barbie Doll toy when I was 8. I was like “ Yehey! Yehey!” I just kept jumping around the house with joy.

But now that I’m all grown up, I no longer wait for Santa to give me gifts instead; I’m the one giving away gifts. And normally, I spend a good amount of money buying presents for everybody and at the end of the holiday, I end up broke. But for this Christmas, I learned 7 inexpensive gifts I am sure everyone would love this Christmas.

  • A Minute – Time is the best expression of love. For the whole year round, I know we had been very busy with our work and individual lives. But this holiday season, it is time to give some a minute of our time for our loved ones and family. Have dinner with the family and take the opportunity to catch up on each other, crack a joke and just enjoy your family’s company.
  • A Hug – A hug means many things. It can mean, I love you“, “I care for you”, “I forgive you”, “I am here for you”, “You can count on me”, “I miss you” and many more! If you cannot say the words, let your actions speak for you.
  • A Kiss – When was the last time you kissed your grandmother in the forehead or kissed your mother in the hand? Kisses are not only for lovers, it is a sign of respect, appreciation and love. Show them how much they mean to you. If you haven’t done this for a long time, I’m sure they will burst into tears with joy once you do.
  • A Pardon– December marks the end of the year. And as the year comes to an end, so should every unsettled fights, arguments and misunderstandings. What I do is I apologize to those people that I have hurt and give forgiveness to people who have hurt me. It doesn’t matter if they don’t forgive me or if they have asked forgiveness. What matters is that I made a step towards reconciliation and that I no longer hold a grudge whatever issue it was that we had.
  • A Heart – Christmas is the season of love. Why? Simply because it is the celebration of the birth of Jesus whom God sent to earth because of His great love for us! There is no greater love than the love of God. He loved even before we even knew and loved Him so it is only rightful to share to others the love that was given to us for free!
  • A Commendation – Personally, the simple words “good job” can make my heart melt with joy. It feels great to know that my efforts are being appreciated and commended. It makes me want to do more and do better. When have you last said a word of appreciation to your mother, father or spouse? If you haven’t, then now is the perfect opportunity to do so.
  • A Remembrance – One of the best gifts we can ever have this Christmas is the gift of remembrance. It always makes me feel great to know that someone remembers me. They may not be with me at the moment but by taking time to send me a message or post in my wall or tag me in twitter means that they remember and think of me.


What would you like to receive this Christmas?


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