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I Am as Depressed As the Players on the Floor. From A Mortified LA Laker Fan

Posted on | November 8, 2012 | No Comments

I am not the most patient man in the world! I tried so much to be as objective as I can when calling for change. But his is unbearable. My beloved LA Lakers plays as though they are zombies. No energy, no excitement, no heart, no nothing.  and I blame this all on their coach, Mike Brown.

A coach should be able to get the best out of his players and should inspire his players to play inspired basketball. Mike Brown is not it!

Quoting James Worthy on TV after tbe game:

I don’t know what Mike Brown is saying to these guys but they are Playing without passion or desire.

Here is a rant from a fan, who calls himself Justinb. Posted on November 7, 2012 at 9:31 pm at FB&G.

Just a terrible game by the lakers tonight. Guess Ill get underway the calls for for mike brown to be fired, I held my tongue through the preseason and even when the team was playing like s*&^ in the first 3 games, I gave him the benefit of the doubt. But its like he has no idea how to organise rotations. He was supposedly hired because he was more prepared but at some point you have to question if he has any idea what he is doing.

The final straw for me was the third quarter when he was running the howard – hill – jamison – ebanks – morries lineup. How does he think this will ever work against any nba team, let alone utah.
This is a lineup that cant shoot, hence cant space the floor. They cant take there man off the dribble and yet somehow he expects it to score. HOW??? Add to the fact that Utah is a team that is deep in the front court and literally all they have to do is double team the entry pass to dwight with any of kanter, millsap, favous or jefferson and the entire offense is doomed. Any coach with half an idea would defend it this way and yet brown somehow thinks this will work.

Its just stupid to ever run this lineup, let alone run it when you are trying to get your team back in the game. So long as Brown is benching meeks, playing ebanks and jamison out of position and in general acting like he has no idea what he is doing I dont see how anyone can justify him being a head coach of a nba team let alone a head coach anyway. Your coaches job is to maximize the talent on the team. When he is doing the opposite what hope do you have.

I can’t stand this anymore! We need a new coach. Simple. End of the story.

SLOAN is available!

Please use the comment section if you agree with me!

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