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Howard To LA. Bynum, Pau Traded in 4 Team Mega Deal According To Report

Posted on | August 10, 2012 | 1 Comment

The trade news is all over the place and it came from A.W. of Yahoo:

There are other players involved in these fluid talks, but a framework of the possible deal includes Howard and Denver forward Al Harrington going to the Lakers, Philadelphia guard Andre Iguodala going to the Nuggets, Los Angeles center Andrew Bynum moving to the 76ers, and Los Angeles forward Pau Gasol and Denver guard Arron Affalo going to the Magic, sources told Yahoo! Sports.

Pincus now saying this deal could conceivably go down without Gasol:

UPDATE: HOOPSWORLD has learned there are variations of the rumored deal being discussed that does not include Gasol but have a similar structure with Bynum to Philadelphia, Iguodala to Denver, Howard to Los Angeles and Afflalo to Orlando. It’s unclear if Harrington is in that scenario. Additionally the Lakers are said to have Josh McRoberts and Devin Ebanks (via sign and trade) as outgoing salary for a Howard deal.


The deal makes sense for Denver they’d be way over the cap, after signing McGee, if they sign Lawson with Afflalo, Harrington possibly Chandler on the books. Philly is obviously going in a different direction than Iggy having to sign Holiday long term. Orlando has to move Howard and Lakers are desperate to get him. As is I wouldn’t do it but throw in a slighty above average SG and I’m sold.

My initial reaction is, who would be the Laker Center while Dwight is in rehab till January. Will it be Harrington? That’s awful or J.O., equally worse.

We have to understand the nature of this trade, you have to give up some to acquire your ultimate objective. That is how Kareem got to LA in exchange of 4 players. Teams are asking for our two 7-footers to acquire Howard plus the fact Lakers avoid absorbing those junk contracts from Magic.

Supposing there is no trade of Bynum and Pau, I think JimBuzz and Mitch would dump Pau’s 19M contract which is a little bit hefty on luxury taxes or find a suitable replacement for Bynum who would be asking for large contract as well. In the end, only one is affordable when the new CBA takes into effect. Harrington may not be equal in ability with Pau, but he hits two birds with one stone on the cost problem. The benefit part has to be solved by the combination of Nash/Kobe/Howard/Artest/Jamison or Harrington. To make the deal palatable, the 2nd unit must be improved “tremendously” by acquisition of great shooters and another solid PG.

I’m neutral on this rumor, my position is not on the players but on this Coach with another new offense and formerly a good defense (?)

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One Response to “Howard To LA. Bynum, Pau Traded in 4 Team Mega Deal According To Report”

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