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Teen Query: When Should We Pop The Cherry? – 4 Benefits Of Waiting

Last month, news of a girl who agreed to put her virginity on auction invaded the internet and went viral. Auctioning is nothing new. People auction a lot of things for fund raising or just to earn money, from jewelries, cars, vintage items, celebrity items but what’s surprising is when you auction your virginity. The 20-year old Brazilian girl known as Catarina Migliorini, got a $780,000 bid for her virginity. The highest bidder was a man from Japan named “Natsu” […]

3 Basic Measures of Being A Man

What is the measure of a man? Boys will tell you this, girls will tell you that. But what is a man? I sure hope I have shown you by example what a man is by this time. I’m no authority on being a “macho”. For I do not carry any packs of ‘abs.’ Let me share with you what I learned from my very own father (Rest his soul) about being a man. 1. First of all, a man […]

Effective Ways to Preserve Your Sexual Senses for Marriage

Did you know that lovemaking that precedes actual sexual intercourse is a part of that sexual act? This touching, prolonged kissing and fondling is a vital integral part of sexual intercourse in marriage. God did not intend for people to indulge in these acts before marriage. This is my third post about sex, premarital sex, and love. The first was: Premarital and Teen Sex. Are You Sure Everybody Is Doing It? In which I tackle the issue of being “in”. […]

Sex is a Beautiful Gift from God, He Wants Us to Enjoy It and Have Fun

In 2007, a proposal to penalize teen dating which leads to teen sex in Germany was submitted to the Justice Ministry for implementation. I am not sure if that proposal has turned into law and if it is  being imposed today in that part of the world. But a very interesting law no less. This is the second part of my post about teen sexuality and premarital sex. If you have not read the first one, please read Premarital and […]

Premarital and Teen Sex. Are You Sure Everybody Is Doing It?

It’s going against everything I believe in, but there’s still this thought in my mind that it’s going to happen, sooner or later… The message was from an attractive teenage girl. In spite of the pressure of her friends at school, the permissive society we live in and the constant immoral bombardment of television and movies, she set certain sexual values and standards for herself. But now, approaching her late-teens, Jessa (not her real name) finds herself weakening. She is […]

Life and Times of YOU. Fun Ideas For Yourself

Have you ever felt like you needed some time to yourself, but just couldn’t find it no matter how hard you looked? Most of us have at one time or another. We all need time to reflect on what is happening in our lives, time to work out our personal problems, time to be alone. So what can we do? Here’s  a solution discovered by thousands of people who just needed to get away: start a journal. Now hold on […]

Extend Yourself, When the Running Gets Tough!

She stumbled across the finish line and collapsed in a heap, her legs limp  like rubber bands. Each time she was helped to her feet, she slumped back to the ground. She felt miserable! She’d had little time to train for the 1,500-meter (just less than a mile) run, making it a grueling event for her. But this 16-year-old came through with her best effort. she ignored the pain and finished the race. Watching her, I thought of a runner […]

Seven Reasons Why Real Men Cannot Be Stolen!

If another woman steals your man, there is no better response than to let her keep him. He is not worth your while. It means he is not strong enough to keep himself nor he is strong enough keep you nor protect you. The following are seven reasons why real men cannot be stolen from anyone. Real men stands by their commitment and responsibility. If they are easily swayed by sweet words and flirty actions of another woman, how is […]

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