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15 Things To Be Grateful About This Christmas

Merry Christmas people!! It is the 24th of December – the eve before Christmas. People all over the world are gathering together in their houses to celebrate this very joyous day. I know that you have heard this over and over and over again every Christmas but let me once again remind you the REAL REASON FOR THE SEASON. Christmas is for Christ and no matter how you choose to celebrate it this year, make Him the center of your […]

3 Things God Gave At Christmas When He Gave Jesus

What Did God Gave this Christmas? In Jesus Christ, God gave us the opportunity for the forgiveness of our sins. You see, we’ll never have peace with our fellow man until first we’re at peace with ourselves. And we can never really be at peace with ourselves until we’re at peace with God. And we can never be at peace with God until our sins have been forgiven. I heard something unusual a few years ago. In the Eastern part […]

12/21/2012 Doomsday – Are You Ready For It?

It is approximately 5 hours and 30 minutes before the 12-21-2012 end of the world. Before we all die and this planet Earth we are living in get hit by another planet or terrestrial object and be turned into tiny pieces, I have a few questions for you. Do you believe that it’s the end of the world? Even if you don’t believe, let us suppose it happens, are you ready for it? Are you afraid of it? If your […]

List of Names of The Sandy Hook Elementary School Victims | A Prayer Offering

Today is the second day after the tragic Connecticut shooting incident. The townspeople are now preparing to bury the dead and offered a mass at Newtown United Methodist Church. Prayers were offered for the victims and 28 candles were lit representing each person who died that day including the gunman and his mother. As you read this post, I encourage you to offer a short prayer to the families of these 26 victims killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Wherever […]

To The Bereaved Families Of The Connecticut Shooting Victims : 11 Words Of Comfort

Today is a heartbreaking day not only for the United States but for the whole world as we grieve for the lost lives in the Connecticut shooting rampage. A total of 26 people died including 20 children and 6 adults in the said shooting incident at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. The tragedy stunned the whole world in shock. Many people all over the world expressed their sympathies and condolences to the bereaved families through social media and […]

Inexpensive Gifts Everybody Would Love To Have

When I was a kid, one thing I always think of when I hear Christmas is Santa Claus and gifts and I know you do too! For a little kid, a gift from Santa Claus will surely make Christmas perfect. And when I look back now, I am often taken aback by how simple and plain my childhood wishes were. My parents would always tell me that I need to be a really good kid so that Santa will grant […]

Three Reasons Why Love Needs to Be Your Number One Priority in Building Strong Relationships

We were born for relationships! We can build stronger relationships. From the moment we were conceive in our mother’s womb, we entered into a maternal relationship. That is why it takes  humans years to be independent of their parents. We are the only species belonging to the animal kingdom that needs to be cuddled, to be fed, put to sleep, be cleaned, dressed, needed older people in order to learn to speak or communicate. Other animals can just go run […]

God Bless My Country, My Mother Land

Today I just want to say a short prayer for my beloved Country. She may not be a perfect place for everyone, but she is just perfect for me. I will not trade her for another. God Bless the Philippines! From ocean to ocean. From Island to island. From its deep waters to its highest mountain to the fertile valleys and fields. May you shower her with rains in due season and sunshine gleaming through the boundless sky. God Bless […]

3 Things That A Man Can Do To Build A Strong Foundation For His Family

About a decade ago, I had the honor of meeting one of the most dynamic Christians leader in our City.  He looked every inch the real deal of a gifted leader, one everybody wishes he could have for his church organization. Heck, I even look up to him those times. He was an eloquent speaker with a lot of charisma. He was hardworking, doctrinally sound, persevering and seemed to know where he was going. He gained a lot of followers […]

3 Ways to Discern What Really Matters in Life

The world out there is full of promise and possibilities. The world belongs to God – for He it was that created it -  and is a gift to us all to enjoy life. We have been made to explore its potential that we may taste what is good and that which is beautiful. Discerning what really matters in life. Discern what voice entices you to use your talent and gifts. You will want to bear in mind that the […]

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