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Where is Heather Elvis? How Can You Help Find Her joins the millions around the world in a move to help find Heather Elvis who have been missing since December 18, 2013. We are asking for your help in finding our daughter, Heather is a beautiful young woman with a heart of gold, she is so full of love and kindness, will you help us to find her and get her back home? This is an active investigation so please, if you have any information no matter how small […]

Fit for the Medals. Philippine First Winter Olympian in 20 Years Advances in Sochi

Michael Christian Martinez, the Philippines’ first Winter Olympian in more than two decades, advances to the medal round of the men’s figure skating competition in Sochi late Thursday (Manila time). The 17-year-old Martinez impressed on the rink with a smooth performance—nailing the triple Axel jump—and earned a score of 64.81 (33.31 technical, 31.50 component), which was good for 19th place at the conclusion of the competition. Even before setting foot on the rink, Martinez already made history by being the […]

Life is all about being at peace

Hello YCC readers. It’s been one of the biggest challenge for me the last 3 months. I wasn’t able to right anything. I am sure many of you were wondering. I am back and will do the best I can to better myself. I would like to share about somethings that I have come to learn in the last 3 months hiatus. I have begun to understand that in life, a lot of people go after things that makes them […]

Be Your Best Everyday : Tips On Happier Living

The other night, I went out with my family to have dinner in a fast food place. And while waiting for our order, I just can’t help but notice the waiter who is serving our meals for that night. He is not handsome for my taste so that’s definitely not the reason why I noticed him. He’s also not the type of guy with a gorgeous body built that would be irresistible for girls. He’s just a normal looking, typical […]

3 Best Parental Role Models You Should Work Toward a Successful Family Relationship

Are you a parent? What kind of parent are you? There are at least 3 Best Parental Role Models That will works for you according to a Perry L Draper in his book on parenting, Parents Take Charge. These parental role models work toward a successful relationship in the family. The Architect. The architect has a certain concept in his mind of a building that he wishes to create. He then attempts to translate that mental image to initial sketches, drawings, […]

3 Timeless Practices For A Stronger and Closer Family Bond

Ever thought of the reason why many people put very high importance to the value of their family name above anything else? Well, according to Lord Tywin Lannister of the Game of Thrones, “It is the family name that lives on – it is all that lives on”. This was during his conversation with his son Jamie in the middle of planning for a war against the Starks in season 1. His entire words were: “Your mother’s dead, before long […]

Start Your Day Right – 6 Morning Habits To Make Your Day Happier and More Productive

Mornings do a huge part in making your day happier and more productive. How you start your day in the morning greatly affects your activities and tasks for the rest of the day. that is why I always do these 6 morning habits to make my day happier and more productive. Think of 5 things you can be thankful about. There are times that I find it very difficult to  get out of bed. I sometimes feel that there is […]

A Constant I Can Always Trust While Traveling Life’s Journey

We start in one place may well end up in another place. We never know where life will take us, do we? Life is indeed a journey. Life is not only a physical journey, but also a spiritual journey. Some people don’t have a very good start spiritually speaking and don’t go too far either. It often depends on whether or not the right people come into their lives and influence them in a positive way. There was a story […]

Standing Firm when Life Doesn’t Seem Fair

Life isn’t fair. I am 100% certain that you have either said that, thought that, or heard that before. We see injustice on a daily basis. On the news, we can see innocent people killed in drive by shootings, while the killers go free. In our neighborhoods, we see good people get cancer while those who seem to live hard partying lives, remain healthy. In the movies, we see those who live lifestyles are focused only on looking good and […]

How To Live A Happier Life

There are many people that I know of who strive so hard to achieve greatness, fame, wealth and even love. They move heaven and earth to reach their goals and fulfill their dreams all because they are after the same thing – HAPPINESS. They wish to achieve that certain level of satisfaction and joy through their accomplishments hoping that it will give them genuine happiness. But the sad truth is, they are all bound to fail miserably because they have […]

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