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List of Names of The Sandy Hook Elementary School Victims | A Prayer Offering

Today is the second day after the tragic Connecticut shooting incident. The townspeople are now preparing to bury the dead and offered a mass at Newtown United Methodist Church. Prayers were offered for the victims and 28 candles were lit representing each person who died that day including the gunman and his mother. As you read this post, I encourage you to offer a short prayer to the families of these 26 victims killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Wherever […]

Cool Ways To Be A Superhero!

  Many people are sucker for superheroes. Nowadays, we often see kids dressing up as their favorite superheroes and even acting like them. And I’m pretty sure that more than once during your childhood days, you also used to be one of those silly kids who asked God countless of times to be like Superman or Batman or Wonder Woman wearing a long cape, and a fancy-looking costume. But as we all grew older, we realized that superheroes are not […]

3 Tips for a Stronger Sibling Relationship

Are you the eldest child in your family? Do your parents put you in charge of your younger siblings whenever they are not around? Do you have hard-headed, naughty and difficult-to-deal-with siblings? If yes, then we share exactly the same dilemma my friend. Being the eldest child means that you are second in command whenever your parents are away. But how do we make our siblings obey and respect us the way they obey and respect our parents? Here are […]

3 Truths About a Parent’s Love

When you are a seventeen year old girl, one of the last things you would be thinking about is being a mother. Normally, young girls this age think about getting a boyfriend, hanging out with friends, buying a brand new phone model or the latest trend in fashion dresses. There are also exceptional few that are focused on getting high grades and topping in class. But who would be sane enough to even consider being a teenage mom? At age […]

3 Basic Measures of Being A Man

What is the measure of a man? Boys will tell you this, girls will tell you that. But what is a man? I sure hope I have shown you by example what a man is by this time. I’m no authority on being a “macho”. For I do not carry any packs of ‘abs.’ Let me share with you what I learned from my very own father (Rest his soul) about being a man. 1. First of all, a man […]

Effective Ways to Preserve Your Sexual Senses for Marriage

Did you know that lovemaking that precedes actual sexual intercourse is a part of that sexual act? This touching, prolonged kissing and fondling is a vital integral part of sexual intercourse in marriage. God did not intend for people to indulge in these acts before marriage. This is my third post about sex, premarital sex, and love. The first was: Premarital and Teen Sex. Are You Sure Everybody Is Doing It? In which I tackle the issue of being “in”. […]

Sex is a Beautiful Gift from God, He Wants Us to Enjoy It and Have Fun

In 2007, a proposal to penalize teen dating which leads to teen sex in Germany was submitted to the Justice Ministry for implementation. I am not sure if that proposal has turned into law and if it is  being imposed today in that part of the world. But a very interesting law no less. This is the second part of my post about teen sexuality and premarital sex. If you have not read the first one, please read Premarital and […]

Premarital and Teen Sex. Are You Sure Everybody Is Doing It?

It’s going against everything I believe in, but there’s still this thought in my mind that it’s going to happen, sooner or later… The message was from an attractive teenage girl. In spite of the pressure of her friends at school, the permissive society we live in and the constant immoral bombardment of television and movies, she set certain sexual values and standards for herself. But now, approaching her late-teens, Jessa (not her real name) finds herself weakening. She is […]

Key To Success and Character Building

You may like the person a lot, but probably someone you know has a bad habit you can’t stand. Perhaps it’s the nervous habit of fingernail biting. Or the nasty habits of smoking or drinking too much. Or, one of the most annoying things, perhaps the person talks too much. Have you ever had a bad you habit you wanted to overcome? Perhaps you felt that if you had just a little extra push, you might make it. Character, like […]

How To Be A Supper Sitter!

Baby sitting is a good way to earn money for those who enjoy caring for children. If you are a good sitter, your services will be in constant demand. Here’s how you can impress the kids(and their parents) when you baby-sit. Agree beforehand with the parents on the times of your arrival and departure, method of transportation and hourly rate. Midnight is not the time to discuss how you are getting home or the bill. If your rates change after […]

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