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Hi there! I’m a Church pastor, a Mathematics teacher, an aspiring blogger, a businessman, a coach, and this is my personal blog. I am married to a loving wife, Marivic, and blessed with 3 boys and a daughter. My eldest Hakeem, at age 16 co-manages with me in our family business. Kobe, age 15 is an aspiring junior tennis player and plays at the national level. My third son, Levi is 11 years old, also a junior tennis player and competing at the national level. My angel Anna Mari is 5 years old.

I love outdoor activities such as mountain climbing or navigating through the forest. I am also an avid basketball fan particularly a Los angeles Lakers fan since the days of Magic. I play tennis at a local club and coaches my children. It is my dream to visit the many wonderful places of the world.

I welcome you all to Your Constant Companion Blog.

Being with people in my capacity as pastor for 14 years running, (11 as senior pastor, 3 as trainee and assistant), and as a mathematics teacher prior to that, has taught me a lot about peoples strength and weaknesses and how they work around those in their unique way. Some find it hard to be consistent in what they do. Others need other people to show them where to go. But there are few who when left to their own devise will always find a way to be successful.

I love to mentor  and teach people for success in their personal lives. Put them in the best position to succeed. Help them see what they can achieve if given the right perspective. Show them possibilities. And guide them as they wade through the mazes of their own life journey.

I was reminded of the story of Ruth, one of the heroes of the Bible and one of my favorite character. Ruth promised Naomi that she will never leave and will be with her wherever she goes, and whatever she does, that she will do also. So Ruth became Naomi’s constant companion, never leaving Naomi’s side up to Naomi’s last breath.

In this journey we call life, there will always be people we come in contact with. Some become close to us, some don’t, and still others passes just like the wind never knowing where it came and where it goes. There are still others who stick around and becomes our constant companions. Through thick and thin, sorrows and joys of life, triumphs and defeat they remain with us and becomes a vital part of our life journey. This is what I intend to accomplish for I pray and hope that you will join me through this journey.

- your constant companion

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