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A Little Seed’s Secret – 4 Keys To Self-Improvement

Posted on | December 13, 2012 | 3 Comments

In my hometown, people grow vegetables in their garden for their own consumption. We thought, why buy vegetables in the market when you can grow them in your own backyard?

And so we did! We planted, squash, string beans, eggplants and bell peppers in the backyard. There I discovered the wonderful process of how a seed grows into a wonderful plant and produce beautiful crops.

Let me share with you a little seed’s secret. Here are 4 keys to self-improvement.

Size Does Not Matter

Most plants have seeds that are as small as a button and others even smaller! But despite its size, it still grows to be a gorgeous plant.

I am physically small (that is in terms of height) but that does not hinder me from becoming great. I might be just a tiny speck in this vast universe but soon I will be as high as the tallest mountains. It’s all about thinking big and hard-work. Never let your physical appearance nor your educational attainment nor your family background determine who you are and who you will be. Think big and dream big and you will be amazed with how much you can really do.

Daily Input

                As you bury the seed in the ground, you don’t just leave it there and expect crops to grow by itself when you return. You will have to take care of it, water it every day, make sure it gets enough sunlight, give it fertilizers and make sure it is safe from harmful bugs and worms. This is a constant task and can be tiresome eventually. But we must bear in mind that these are essential for our crops to grow healthy and bear good fruits.

In the same manner, we also have to make sure that we get our daily input of nutrients to make sure that we grow beautiful and healthy. We must take care of our body physically as well as emotionally and mentally. Take enough sleep, eat right, and exercise. Read books of encouragement and inspiration. Listen to others’ advice and think positively. Nurture yourself well and you will prosper.

Cut Off

As the plant grows, it can’t be helped to have leaves that are infected with pests and bugs. The best way to avoid these pests from spreading to other parts of the plant is by cutting it off. There are also other plants that require pruning to ensure proper growth of branches and leaves.

It must have been really painful if I was a plant and a part of me needs to be cut off but this painful process in important for a healthy growth. Get rid of things or habits or sometimes people that are cause more bad than good.

Growth is a process.

Have you ever seen a plant grow out branches and leaves in just a matter of an hour? It is a process. Do not be impatient. Just focus your attention in the improvements rather than noticing what is missing. If you do that, you will learn to appreciate the process and you might even be surprised how much you have grown!

Just take it slow and move your feet one step at a time ‘coz you’ll only be making it difficult if you try to make a huge step forward with your 2 feet at the same time.


The things around us often bear messages that teach us how to live our lives. We just need to open up our eyes and we will surely be amazed with the wonders of nature.

A life without growth is a life without progress. Live your life the best way you can. How are you living your life today?


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