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5 Ultimate Things A Couple Should NEVER Do

Posted on | November 20, 2012 | 2 Comments

In a boy/girl or husband/wife relationship, you are investing a part of yourself to a new partnership. Just like in a business, a partnership becomes a separate entity than that of its creators and certain rules that are necessary to make a partnership work and last for a very long period are created, so does in a couple’s relationship.

So enough said, here are 5 things a couple should not do to each other when bound in a love relationship.

Lie : I know that there are times when lying seems more comfortable than facing the consequences of telling the truth. But you must NEVER do that in a relationship. A relationship full of lies is like a pillar of wood with termites in it. No matter how beautiful it is painted on the outside, the termites will still be slowly eating it up until it shatters and falls into pieces. If you can’t tell your partner the truth about stuff, then it’s time to think your relationship over. A relationship without honesty is never worth keeping.


Cheat: Cheating at school is quite acceptable but cheating in a relationship was never cool. If you are starting to think of cheating or finding someone else or even falling for another person, then it’s definitely time to just let the relationship end. You will never cheat nor even think about cheating if you still value, love and respect your partner. So if you want your relationship to last, girls and boys keep your eyes, hands and minds off other cute gals and boys.


Boss Around: Hey dude we’re partners here! I’m definitely not your slave so don’t freakin order me around! In a relationship, it is give and take. Nobody is above the other so make sure never to boss your partner around. It’s a major turn off plus it can greatly affect the self-esteem of your partner. If all you wanna do is boss around, then maybe it’s not a partner you are looking for. Go hire yourself a nanny or maid, that way nobody’s gonna be complaining at you.


Keeping Secrets : Keeping secrets is a big NO-No in a relationship. Let’s face it; it’s hard to be in a relationship but still hiding some stuff in your closet. We all have a skeleton or two in our closets and unfortunately in a relationship, we now share closets so it’s futile and unbecoming to still keep secrets. Be true to yourself! If your partner truly loves you, he/she can deal with it no matter how horrible it was. No need to cling on to the guilt and fear of getting caught.


“I Will Do What I Want” Syndrome: A relationship always involves at least two people. So it is necessary to learn to give-up a few stuff and learn a bunch of new other stuff. It’s part of the process. You have to understand that you are two different individuals with different characteristics, attitudes and wants and for you to live together harmoniously, you will have to meet in the middle and learn to agree. So you have to face the reality that you can no longer just do what you want to do. You will have to consider your partners feelings, wants and desires from now on.

Keeping a healthy and happy relationship takes a good amount of effort from both individuals. Learn, live and be happy.

Share with us your experiences! We’d love to hear from you.

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2 Responses to “5 Ultimate Things A Couple Should NEVER Do”

  • dice8up says:


    Actually, in a marriage relationship you do not invest a part of yourself into the relationship. You invest the whole of you into it.

    I think that is one of the major reasons why marriages break up… because people do not invest themselves into it wholeheartedly.

    YOur example of liking it to a business partnership is exactly right. When you go into business, you don’t go into it half-heartedly, otherwise, you will quit midway when the going gets tough. YOu go into to it all the way, especially when tough time comes along.

  • Nikki says:

    Hey there dice8up! I agree with you on that part. I remember what my husband’s uncle told us for marriage counseling. He said that in a marriage, couples are not equal nor are they unequal but they are one. That statement really hit me. Me and my husband are living by that motto now. We always remember that we are ONE.

    And I definitely agree with her 3rd point. I truly believe that keeping a secret from your partner is a sign of distrust and dishonesty.

    Great articles! Keep it up!

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