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Cool Ways To Be A Superhero!

Posted on | November 13, 2012 | No Comments


Many people are sucker for superheroes. Nowadays, we often see kids dressing up as their favorite superheroes and even acting like them. And I’m pretty sure that more than once during your childhood days, you also used to be one of those silly kids who asked God countless of times to be like Superman or Batman or Wonder Woman wearing a long cape, and a fancy-looking costume.

But as we all grew older, we realized that superheroes are not real, that they are just results of very creative and imaginative minds, that there is no way on earth that we can ever have super strength or laser eyes or lightning speed nor will there ever be one for that matter.

What are superheroes anyway? Being a superhero is more than just being a person with super powers like Superman and wealth like Batman. Being a superhero is having a heart of a hero, a heart that sees a need for change and has committed his or her life to make that change possible. That’s how people are chosen to be heroes in different countries. They chose people who showed exemplary character and dedication that gave their country honor or fought for their country’s liberty.

Heroes are just ordinary people who took extraordinary steps to realize their dreams and make a change. That means that anybody can be a hero. Whether you’re a boy or a girl, young or old, slim or fat, you can be a hero if you choose to be.

Here are 5 steps to being a superhero.

1. Desire

How do you think Batman started to be a superhero? He saw the need of his city and its people. With crime rates increasing and more innocent civilians being victims, he felt the need to protect the people and make some changes. So firstly, you must have the desire to make a change. Whether it be in your school, community or family, everything starts by having a desire in your heart. Without this desire, there will be no enough passion to push you through. Your desires might be to change the world or save the environment, whatever it is make sure to put it in your heart and develop a passion towards it.

2. Decision

So after Spiderman realized that he can climb walls by hand and jump meters high in the air, he had the desire to avenge his uncle by hunting criminals on the streets. But later on, he decided to remove vengeance from his heart. He decided to put his passion to help the people his priority instead of revenge. So make the decision to do the change. You first put your heart into it, and then you follow to put your mind into it as well. Without the mind’s conscious decision, desire is unproductive and useless.

3. Initiate

There would have been no X-Men without the initiative of Professor Charles. He wanted an institution that will protect mutants from danger and train them to control their powers. So instead of waiting for someone else to do it, he initiated to do it himself. Start the change. You cannot expect others to do it for you. If you are the one who desired for it and made the decision to do it, then you better be the one to start doing it. If you want a clean environment, why not start by not throwing your garbage anywhere? If you want an honest community, why not start by telling the truth yourself? Everything starts from you. It is futile to make the decision and have the desire but take no action for it.

4. Embody

Nobody else can represent you better than yourself. In the same manner, no one else can embody or represent the change that you want other than yourself. So be the change.

5. Continue

Once you start the change, don’t stop. There is no 100% assurance of success but you will never know if you stop. Continue the change.


One real life hero I can think of is Thomas Edison. He first saw the need for change. So he desired to give light to a dark world. Then he made the firm decision that he will invent something that will make the world brighter. He took the first step to realize his dream. He made researches and computations to make his dream a reality. He embodied his ideals. He made himself the representative of his invention by being positive that it will work. And he continued in his endeavor despite the failures and hardships.

You can be a hero too! Maybe not as big as the greatest investors or as powerful as Marvel heroes but still a great hero. You can be your family’s hero or your best friend’s or your community’s or yourself. No matter what you do, if you do it for what is good and what is right, keep it up. You may not be rewarded now, what’s important is that there is a reward waiting for you.

What kind of hero are you?


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