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4 Knock Out Ingredients to Achieve Success

Posted on | November 6, 2012 | 7 Comments

This morning, I turned the television on and let my son watch cartoons while I finish doing my house chores. He was watching Hajime no Ippo, more commonly known as “Knock Out” in the Philippines. It is an anime that tells the story of a boxer’s life, failure and success.

Boxing is a very famous sport in the Philippines because of the victories of our very own People’s Champ Cong. Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao. No wonder this anime cartoon show became popular in the Philippines.

Today is the second episode of the series where Ippo (the lead character) is trying to discover how to catch 10 falling leaves from a tree by using a punching move. He was only given a week by Mr. Takamura (his mentor) to learn by himself how to do it.

At the end of the 7-day practice period, Ippo was successful in achieving his goal and was welcomed by Mr. Takamura to be his apprentice. Here are 5 ingredients to success that can be learned from today’s Knock Out episode.

1. Diligence and Hard Work -  Ippo was a student and is not from a wealthy family. He has to go to school and help his mother at home as well. In between school and home, he spends late nights and early mornings to practice catching the leaves and still making sure that he makes his home works and do his chores. Success cannot be achieved overnight nor can it be spoon fed. It requires due diligence and hard work to achieve.

2. Patience and Consistency – Mr. Takamura did not teach him the technique. He has to learn by himself and learning a technique cannot be done instantly. His patience and consistency are his tools in learning. He practiced every day from day 1 till the very last day to achieve his goal. He did not stop until he learned.

3. Passion and Determination – His passion and determination are his greatest motivators. He was so determined and passionate to learn boxing that he would move heaven and earth just to be granted the opportunity. He puts his whole heart into what he is doing making every step lighter and every hardship bearable. Ippo’s passion made him love what he is doing resulting to happiness and a joyful spirit. It is important to love what we do to become more productive and for success to be attainable.

4. Correct Mind Set and Focus – From the very start of his task. Not once did Ippo thought of giving up. It was never an option for him. He has set his mind into winning. He has focused all his energy into achieving his goal granting him the success that he is yearning for.


Life is a battle. The road to success is tough and it’s definitely not gonna be easy. But with those 4 tools, success is just around the corner waiting for you.


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7 Responses to “4 Knock Out Ingredients to Achieve Success”

  • dice8up says:

    Great piece! Short but to the point. I like the #2 point best… patience and consistency… but love all 4 you pointed out.

  • Matthew says:

    Nice post – I like the way you take the everyday (a kids cartoon) and produce a really important lesson.

    Mindset is the one I find most important to teach as its the least understood and without that your doomed to failure.

    These ingredients also apply developing online business success too!

  • dice8up says:

    Yes, these ingredients are very very much applicable in an online business or in any kind of business, for that matter…

    I am not a fan of the mentioned anime, but the way the lessons was made into a concise article was just fantastic and very richly done. There is not so much flair for the play of words which a lot of professional writers today over use to the point of losing the real intent of what is being written.

    Kudos to Arvy.. Good job!

  • Arvy says:

    Thanks Matthew :)

    That’s what happens when you had to watch cartoons with your kid! haha

    You’re right about applying these ingredients to business, not just online but with any form of business. Actually not only in business but these ingredients can be really useful in achieving any goals you may have – at school, in sports, in competitions, etc.

    And I hope to be of help in making your online business successful! God bless!

  • Arvy says:

    Thanks also dice8up! It’s good to know that you find my writing interesting makes me wanna write more.

    Keep posted for new articles! God bless!

  • I’m intrigued as well as enthusiastic about what you are talking about right here.

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