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4 Important Reasons I Have Learned Why Tough Times Occur in Life

Posted on | August 26, 2012 | No Comments

You become very hard and tough after getting this training.

How often do we consider the toughest times of our life as pleasant and joyful? How often do we trust in God enough to ask for his help? Consider the story of Moses – rather than asking for help, he questioned why everything was going so poorly and even wished for his life to end. I many ways, we are like Moses. But incredibly, good things take place because of trials. Why does this happen? There are at least 4 reasons that I have learned in life why trials occur life. Whether you are a stern believer or not, you will go through similar pattern of growing pains which accompany trials.

1. Tough times produce endurance. Tough times in life can actually make us stronger, more faithful people. An Olympic gold medalist in lawn tennis only reaches that point because he/she fell hundreds of times on the hard court, spent countless hours in the gym lifting weights, enumerable hours on the tracks running, hit hundreds of thousands of tennis balls on the court. Not to mention the dedication to wake each day knowing he/she will go through the same exercise all over again. It is the same with our faith. We learn through our difficulties that God always comes through. And often he has something to reach us about ourselves or about who He is.

2. Endurance and stamina produces perfect results. Even though we may not realize it in the midst of the rough seas, hard times produce changes in us. Almost anyone who has been through very painful experiences in their lives can tell you that it was a turning point of one kind or another. Sometimes the pain gets so intense that we are forced to seek the professional help we’ve needed for years. And very commonly, people on the other side of difficult times are able to show much more compassion toward others who face similar situations in their lives. I think that, people who endure become more godly.

My son changed coach  4 months ago. And the first line that his new coach told us was that we needed to built his endurance and stamina. We lessen his time hitting tennis balls to a trice-a-week-one-hour sessions and instituted a 3-4 hours a day strengthening and agility exercises.  After just 2 months, I notice a considerable improvement to my sons game that I have never imagine he will have reached if we continued with his previous regimen.

Endurance and stamina produces perfect results every time.

3. Difficult times bring us closer to God. In difficult times our tendencies is to ask a lot of questions and almost always it brings us to the thought of God. In times when things seem to be going well in my life, there have been many instances that my prayer and devotional life was almost non-existent. During difficult times, I am able to pour my heart out before God. While some of my cries are similar to the questioning words of Moses, others have brought me to a new realization of my deep need for God’s intervention in various areas of my life. Some of those moments, if left alone, I would have made quite a mess of things.

Just as we take things like our automobiles for granted until they break down, we often take God for granted when everything in our lives in going well. When we break down, we are often forced to come alongside of him and ask for his wisdom in the situation we face.

4. Tough times bring us face-to-face with the reality of life. Not only are we brought closer to God during times of difficulty but we are brought face-to-face with our own faith. When we ask, “How can we possibly be joyful during trials?” the answer is we must remove doubt. For when we doubt we are like “the sea driven and tossed by the wind. Yet when we trust, we can truly have joy in our hearts, even amid the storms.

Everyone going through difficult times should read the book of Job. He provides us with an incredible testimony of endurance and long-suffering. Job had done nothing to deserve the pain and heartache that came his way. He was a man who put his faith in God above all. And when life completely collapsed, Job did the opposite of what most of us would do. Instead of turning away from God in rebellion and asking “why?” he summoned a faith that was stronger still.

These 4 reasons that I have learned why trials occurred in my life. They are not authoritative neither absolute. There are other lessons anyone can gain through difficult times. But as far as my life journey, growth and success in life are concerned, these lessons are way up there at the top.

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