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4 A’s – A Guide To Make Your Girl Go Crazy Over You

Posted on | November 14, 2012 | 1 Comment

Maybe you’ve been in quite a few relationships already but it just seems that your girl is looking for more from you but you can’t figure out what it is. Well, keep on reading my friend and I’ll let you on 4 secrets that will make a girl go crazy over you.


Everybody needs attention every once in a while. And we all need someone to give us that attention we are all craving for especially girls for that matter. This is also one of the best and proven ways to show your girl how much you truly love her. The more time and attention you invest in her, the more she feels that you truly value and love her. Time is gold as they say and sharing this time with your girl means that you value her more than gold. Try dropping by your girl’s office once in a while during your break time just to give her a special card or give her a pretty flower even though there are no special occasions. That kind of attention will surely make her day. Also try taking days off to treat your girl out to a special trip to unwind and rid yourselves of your monotonous routines and problems. Give her your undivided time and attention and I bet she will also give you hers.


                One thing we girls love is when our man reminds us of how much he loves us. A hug when were tired can erase all the stress from work, or maybe a kiss to wash all the troubles away. But though action does speak louder than words and most of the time the message comes across quite clearly when boys “show” their love more than they say it. But it still is very important to tell your girl how much you love her. The words “I Love You” are still the magic words every girl would love to hear. Action plus words will totally blow your woman away.


This might not be true to all but with most girls, I know this one will surely do the trick. Girls love surprises. They totally dig it when things out of their expectations happen. The element of surprise never fails to amaze girls and sweep them off their feet. Plan a surprise for her when she least expects it. Your thoughtfulness and effort will definitely amaze and overwhelm her. Maybe try waking her up with a special breakfast you personally cooked or surprising her with a clean house when she gets home from the day’s work or planning a trip that she’s been longing for or giving her a gift she’s been wanting. It doesn’t have to be expensive though. It’s always the thought that counts.


                A dose of appreciation daily will absolutely brighten up your girl’s day. We all have that need to be appreciated and nothing beats a compliment from a special person you dearly love. Tell her she’s beautiful or sexy, or appreciate her new hairstyle and nails, or tell her how much you love her cooking tell her anything that will make her feel that the good things she has been doing are noticed and appreciated. The more she feels that her efforts are appreciated, the more she will be motivated to do great.


Sharing your life with someone is one of the sweetest experiences life can offer. So make the most out of every experience.

Hope this article can help improve your relationship. Tell me what you think. Can’t wait to read your comments!


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One Response to “4 A’s – A Guide To Make Your Girl Go Crazy Over You”

  • great piece.. just great piece.. thank you Arvy… this is why friendship should stay strong between two lovers…specially between a husband and wife relationship….

    I say it always, it is not for the lack of love or intimacy that marriages breakdown but the absence of friendship.

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