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3 Things to Make You Love Your Woman More

Posted on | November 6, 2012 | No Comments

So tell me have you ever really, really really ever loved a woman?

- Song by: Bryan Adams

I love this song. I have been and still is a Bryan Adams fan. Not to boast, but I was a Bryan Adams wanna be when I was young.

How do you love a woman?

If only we can listen good and learn from that song, marriages and family relationships, and all kind of relationship whether personal or business, will be a lot better and stronger in bond. For to love a woman is also akin to loving all other relationships. Sons-Fathers, Sisters-brothers, Mother-daughter, In-laws to in-laws, business partners, customers-owners, etc.

Just with this four lines chorus I can see 3 things to make you love your woman more. And for that matter – all persons and relationships in your life.

1. Tell her that she’s really wanted. Yes, tell them that they are special and that they are wanted. That they are important.

Love is not just a feeling or the absent of feeling. Love goes deeper into our being. Love creates! It creates things and actions and reactions, and ways.

Love does not wait for the other person to be good to you before you do something, feelings does. That’s the mean difference. We associated feelings with love and so we are amiss in loving the people that are dear to us.

2. Tell her that she is the one. Tell them that no one compare to them, that they are unique in their own way. Do not go about telling the other person that she or he is like somebody. Avoid telling your son or daughter to be like somebody! Or your staff or employee to act like the other employee. Yes, we must recognize the norm, but we must also insist on the uniqueness and individuality of every person.

Tell them that they are the one for the job! Or she or he is perfectly the one for that kind of relationship.

3. People needed to be told things are going to last longer. People are not gonna work for you if they think your business will only last a year, will they? People want security. They need security!

A woman will not commit to something that she knows will eventually fizzle out in a few months or years. She wants to know this relationship is going to last forever. Children need this promise too.

Learn to love a woman and you will learn to love other people in your life better.

Can’t wait to see your comments and reaction. Please use the comment form below!

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