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3 Simple Ways to Respond to Bad Situations to Build Stronger Relationships

Posted on | October 14, 2012 | 2 Comments

Not many people can respond to bad situations in a patient and kind manner. I know, I used to be hot headed and easily blows up when bad situations arise due to people’s inconsiderate actions.

But at certain point a man got to respond positively on negative situations. We cannot go on ballistic all the time.

If you are like me who has been a little short on patience. I would like to share 3 simple ways to respond to bad situations so as to build your relationships stronger.

1. Look at the situation on the Bigger picture. Pause a second or two and think of the larger picture. Situations are often precursor of another and more larger issues. So, it might be very helpful for you to back off a little bit and assess things.

Those 2 precious seconds of pause and retrospect will be like crown of jewels on your head once you get the clearer picture of the issue that causes the negative situation.

I remember an animated movie, “Moses”, there was a scene on that movie that I love so much. The scene was about Jetro, the Medianite priest who became Moses’ father-in-law.

He said something like this, “look at the world in heavens eyes…consider that our situations are just like strands on a grand design…”

2. Deepen your understanding about the person or things that causes the bad situation. Sometimes, people that causes bad things to happen in our lives are just people who have needs that are unmet. Some of them just want to get attention so badly. Or an irritable co-worker may just be having a huge marital problem or dire need at home, a tragedy in the family perhaps, or  maybe the wife just left him for another man.

We will never know if we cannot stop to look and observe people the way they are.

If our first action is a reaction to the action that causes the bad situation, we may not be able to really address the most important issue in building strong relationship, which is love.

3. Draw on the positives that is within your power to do. You read it right. Draw that positive spirit that is within you. negative spirit cannot co-dwell with the positive spirit and vice-versa.

When negative spirit comes in the front door, the positive spirit goes out the back door. And when that which is positive comes in the front door, negative ones flee in the back door.

That’s just the way these two opposite poles work. They repulse each other, depending on which one you feed the most.

So, which pole do you feed the most?

Wonderful weekend to all of you. Always share and comment judiciously!

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2 Responses to “3 Simple Ways to Respond to Bad Situations to Build Stronger Relationships”

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