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Cool Ways To Be A Superhero!

  Many people are sucker for superheroes. Nowadays, we often see kids dressing up as their favorite superheroes and even acting like them. And I’m pretty sure that more than once during your childhood days, you also used to be one of those silly kids who asked God countless of times to be like Superman or Batman or Wonder Woman wearing a long cape, and a fancy-looking costume. But as we all grew older, we realized that superheroes are not […]

You Have the Power to Surprise! Don’t feel Uncomfortable These Yuletide Season

Christmas season is almost here. The year has gone past so quickly, it was only yesterday when people were buying and giving gifts to their beloved someone. When this season comes, I feel almost uncomfortable. You see, I have this habit of not giving gifts when occasions like these comes around. Don’t get me wrong, I do love to give gifts and make people that I love happy. So, why do I feel somewhat uncomfortable during these times? Because I […]

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