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3 things that God didn’t say He will do about wealth.

Do you know that the entire Bible mentions money 140 times in the King James Version. If we include the words gold, silver, wealth, riches, inheritance, debt, poverty, and related topics, it turns out that the Bible pays a great deal of attention to financial matters — more than nearly any other subject. What does that tells us about how God views wealth and faith? What does that tells us about how He sees us deal about wealth management and […]

6 Things I Observe About Ants When Faced With A Huge Obstacle

I arrived here in Puerto Princesa, Palawan yesterday afternoon. It’s good to be back. I woke up early at 5:30 even thought I ended up staying late last night with some of my nephews and family. The first thing I did today was savor the fresh natural air of the city known for its natural resources and considered the last frontier of the country. It would indeed be an absolute pleasure to be able to come here and live here […]

How we choose to use our money reveals our priorities, as well as our hearts.

Life can be beautiful or miserable, it depends on what you make out of it. God has given us free will, and the choices that we make have greater impact than we often realize. Seldom are we  victims of circumstances. Everyday, we are constantly making choices – often small, and on occasions, a big one. But even these seemingly small choices matter. By choosing a particular wardrobe, you are not only making a fashion statement, often, you are also letting […]

4 Biggest confidence Killers in Building Strong Relationships

What’s one of the biggest confidence killers for people about building strong relationship? Beliefs they hold on to that undermine their confidence. They include:   Outrageous expectations (I have to be good and perfect for my husband/wife every time, or we need to always agree on anything no exceptions), Negative names they call themselves (I’m a fat and unattrractive. I am small and cannot be smart), “I can’t” statements (I can’t cook. I can’t Dance) And goofy beliefs (I can’t […]

3 Things I learned From the 2nd US Presidential Debate

This is just my humble opinion on the 2nd US Presidential debate last night. Here are 3 things I learned. 1. Obama did MUCH better than the first debate. He actually showed up and was breathing. On Style and Body Language I give Romney a slight edge. I can’t say he dominated Obama, Obama wasn’t bad either and actually had some backbone. But Obama did looked to me as someone who was caught sticking his hand in a cookie jar. […]

Three Reasons Why Love Needs to Be Your Number One Priority in Building Strong Relationships

We were born for relationships! We can build stronger relationships. From the moment we were conceive in our mother’s womb, we entered into a maternal relationship. That is why it takes  humans years to be independent of their parents. We are the only species belonging to the animal kingdom that needs to be cuddled, to be fed, put to sleep, be cleaned, dressed, needed older people in order to learn to speak or communicate. Other animals can just go run […]

6 Things To Talk About Your Lifestyle Before Saying “I DO”

This is the fifth of the series on Building a Strong Foundation for your marriage even before exchanging “I DO’s”. We started with the question of BELIEF.  It’s the first thing that would-be husband and wife should be reconciled into. I can’t stress this enough, If you can’t agree on this first question, DO NOT go into marriage at all, you are just setting yourself up for a tumultuous relationship, one you will regret later on. You might say, “you […]

One Leadership Style That Kobe Bryant Adapts to Be Successful

Do you want to be a leader? Do you have it in you to be a leader? Are you prepared to lead? Do you persevere under great duress? Are your approach to life a picture of hard work? Here is a very special thought from one of the greatest basketball player that ever lace a basketball shoe. He is considered to be one of the most successful athlete of his generation not just basketball. The article is posted on Kobe’s […]

3 Simple Ways to Respond to Bad Situations to Build Stronger Relationships

Not many people can respond to bad situations in a patient and kind manner. I know, I used to be hot headed and easily blows up when bad situations arise due to people’s inconsiderate actions. But at certain point a man got to respond positively on negative situations. We cannot go on ballistic all the time. If you are like me who has been a little short on patience. I would like to share 3 simple ways to respond to […]

The Fourth Most Important Issue Would-be Married Couple Should Talk About to Build a Strong Foundation for their Marriage

“From an infant to a complete man at present, I am thankful to the people in my environment. Parents brought me up with care, they believed my thoughts were unique n rare. Their enthusiasm boosted my self concept, this feel makes me a person so perfect.” – A Facebook fan. We are now on the fourth article on building strong foundation for your marriage. The first was the issue of belief. The second is the issue of worship. The third […]

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